SCN Resistance for Long-term SCN Management -- Iowa State University 8/8/19

Daily Erosion Project (DEP) erosion time lapse, DEP Hillslope Soil Loss Between 2008-2018 -- Iowa State University 4/19/19

The State of Soy: Research

Detecting Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome Using Remote Sensing

Quantifying Soybean Yield Losses Due to Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

Iowa Soybean Association Invests Checkoff Funds to Champion Research at Iowa State University

Are There Any Diseases That Mimic Sudden Death Syndrome? -- Iowa State University Extension plant pathologist, Daren Mueller

Are There Any Diseases That Mimic Sudden Death Syndrome? video

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) YouTube
YouTubeFind content detailing the efforts and reaches of the IPM program, best practices and information, as well as demonstrations on how to properly identify and evaluate various insect and disease pests, and their impacts on field crops.

ISU Staniforth Memorial Lecture, Will Genetically Engineered Pests Protect Health, Biodiversity and Crop Production -- Dr. Fred Gould, North Carolina State University

Researchers at ISU Develop Sensors to Help Farmers Understand How Much Nitrogen and Water Their Crops Need --

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Breeding Charcoal Rot Resistance in Soybean -- Iowa State University

Iowa World Soybean Conference 2017 -- Series of 12 videos

Iowa World Soybean Conference 2017


What is a Nematode? -- Iowa State University

Diagnosing Plant Disease in Soybeans -- Iowa State University

Discovering Cover Crops Impact on Soybean Cyst Nematodes -- Chelsea Harbach, Iowa State University. 

Capturing Crop Disease Photos with Your Mobile Device -- Rachel Kemper, Iowa State University

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Mueller and Tylka in the field

Iowa World Soybean Research Conference

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