Iowa Soy for Plant-based Protein Convening
Wed., Oct. 27th, 2021

ISU Alumni Center, Ames, IA

8am - 4:30pm

We are seeking partners and stakeholders in food science, human nutrition, economics, engineering and the food system to address using soybean in plant-based diets and to develop public-private partnerships and research projects that will move the industry forward.

Please Register to attend this one-day discussion on tapping the potential of plant-based protein in the soy value chain. Registration is free, but required.

Following the Iowa Soy Convening, if you would like to participate in the discussion at the culminating Soy for Plant-based Protein Convening, Nov. 16–17, 2021, in St. Louis, MO, please visit:


Event sponsors

Iowa Soybean Research Center, Iowa State University
Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research
Missouri Soybean Center, University of Missouri
Purdue Soybean Center, Purdue University
United Soybean Board