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December 2017

DTN retail fertilizer trends

How to prepare for dicamba soybeans in 2018

November 2017

What did we learn from 2017?

Harvest heads down the home stretch

October 2017

How will we get the acres covered?

September 2017

Prevent combine fires

Fire prevention and management tips during harvest

August 2017

As cooler Midwest temps settle, dry conditions for Iowa, Indiana

Some crops showing stress from dry conditions; yields should be affected

It's time to sample soil

July 2017

Watch for soybean pests favoring dry weather

Rain needed as corn nears pollination window

Iowa's resistant weed problem: what Canadian farmers can learn

June 2017

Crop spraying finally gets in gear

Dicamba application window closing

What to 'watch out' for in midsummer soybeans

Mid-spring rains have farmers concerned about nitrogen loss

May 2017

Soybean spraying tips

Cool temperatures affect burndown herbicides

April 2017

Diagnosing dicamba injury...

Part 2 of diagnosing dicamba injury

Weigh options of DIY soybean treatment vs. pretreated seed

Watch newly planted corn for 'chilling' problems

Avoid Fertilizer Shortfalls

USDA: Record soy with 2017 planting

March 2017

Dicamba beans: Things to think about

Use dicamba legally and successfully

ISU: Optimum N maintains soil, water quality

Avoid Fertilizer Deficiency

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

USB expanding herbicide resistance effort into fungicides

ISU: Optimum N maintains soil, water quality

February 2017

UAN Fertilizer Prices Spike Higher

Farmers need remain vigilant to detect crop diseases

Are we losing the war on resistant weeds?

January 2017

Should you eliminate soybean seed treatments?

December 2016

The Invisible Pest - Revisiting the Fight Against Soybean Cyst Nematode

November 2016

Do weed escapes warrant tillage?

Weather, genetics boost soy yields to record levels

October 2016

Where to cut, not to cut P and K Part I

Where to cut, not to cut P and K Part II

Have a safe and successful harvest -- Wallaces Farmer

September 2016

Q & A with Clarke McGrath on harvest safety

August 2016

Don't quit scouting yet

July 2016

SCN and glyphosate - Is history Part I

SCN and glyphosate - Is history Part II

June 2016

Watch for early-season diseases Part I

Watch for early-season diseases Part II

May 2016

Rating stands: Scout, count, repeat

April 2016

What's on your soybean seed? Part I

What's on your soybean seed? Part II

March 2016

Farming in Ukraine Part I

Farming in Ukraine Part II

February 2016

An Iowa agronomist visits Ukraine

January 2016

Thinking about a new sprayer?

Match spray to needs

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