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December 2018

7 Ways To Effectively Communicate Agricultural Science -- Beef Magazine 12/31/18

Weed Specialist Stresses Importance of Harvest Weed Seed Control -- Brownfield 12/27/18

Fundamentally Speaking: Possible 2019 Trend Soybean Yield -- Progressive Farmer 12/21/18

Herbicide Program Development: Long-term Planning -- Iowa State University 12/18/18

Strip-Tillage: Positive Move From Conventional Tillage -- Iowa Soybean Aossociation 12/18/18

De Jong Receives Award From Soybean Association -- KIWA Radio 12/18/18

Iowa State University Advanced Saturated Riparian Buffers As A Promising Water-quality Practice for Crop Fields -- Iowa State University 12/171/18

Weed Review with Winfield United Agronomists -- Corn+Soybean Digest 12/13/18

Harvest Weed Seed Control -- Iowa State University 12/13/18

Outstanding Agriculture Leaders Recognized by Iowa Soybean Association -- Iowa Soybean Association 12/13/18

The Geography of Exceptional Soybean Yields -- FarmDocDaily 12/11/18

Herbicide Program Development: Herbicide Rate Calculations -- Iowa State University 12/11/18

Iowa State University Research on Monarchs’ Egg-laying Preferences Can Guide Recovery Efforts -- Iowa State University 12/6/18

Webinar: Follow #notillb4beans and #coveryourbeans -- Wallaces Farmer 12/6/18

Should You Use a Fungicidal Seed Treatment on Low-Quality Soybean Seed? -- Iowa State University 12/6/18

Herbicide Program Development: Using Effective Herbicide Groups -- Iowa State University 12/4/18

Low Quality Beans Ahead -- Progressive Farmer 12/3/18

November 2018

Yield Tests Prepare for 100th Year of Helping Farmers Decide What Seeds to Plant -- Iowa State University 11/29/18

Focus on Weed Seed Bank Management -- Successful Farming 11/29/18

Herbicide Program Development: Using Multiple Sites of Action -- Iowa State University 11/27/18

Farmland Expansion Increases carbon Footprint In Corn Belt, According to Iowa State University Research -- Iowa State University 11/27/18

Small Prairie Areas Can Deliver Big Agricultural Impacts -- Iowa Soybean Association 11/23/18

Iowa State Scientists Lead Discovery of a Mechanism Cyst Nematodes Use to Reprogram Plant Host Cells -- Iowa State University 11/14/18

Storing This Fall’s Soybean Crop -- Wallaces Farmer 11/05/18

10 Years, 10 Soil Takeaways -- Corn+Soybean Digest 11/05/18

Study Results Show Significant Nitrate Reduction and Unchanged Crop Yields -- Iowa State University 11/02/18

Strip Till Transformers -- Corn+Soybean Digest 11/02/18

Late Season Stem Discoloration In Senesced  Soybeans-What Caused It? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 11/02/18

New Tool Helps Farmers Make Cover Crop Decisions -- Corn+Soybean Digest 11/02/18

Is Big Ag Helping to Tame Climate Change? -- FarmFutures 11/01/18

New Dicamba Restrictions -- Iowa State University 11/01/18

October 2018

Soybean Cyst Nematode Is the Crop’s Biggest Yield-Robbing Pest - AgWeb 10/30/18

Sporebuster, A White Mold Fungicide Value Calculator -- Iowa State University 10/26/18

Ten Years of Trials Prove Early Planting Success -- AgriNews 10/25/18

Tips for Selecting the Best Soybean Varieties -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/23/18

Conservation Practices Protect Farmland and Drinking Water -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/23/18

ICM Conference Nov. 28-29 at ISU -- Wallaces Farmer 10/23/18

ISA Agronomists Share Insights As Harvest Accelerates -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/23/18

Iowa Monarch Conservation Strategy Updated with Best Management Practices -- Iowa State University 10/22/18

Protecting Soybeans From Nematode Damage A Growing Challenge -- Kearney Hub 10/20/18

Soybean Specialist Gives Tips for Handling Weather Woes -- Hannibal Courier 10/19/18

Managing Wet Soybeans In A Late Harvest -- Iowa State University 10/18/18

Harvest Loss In Difficult Conditions -- Iowa State University 10/18/18

Test Soil This Fall for Soybean Cyst Nematode -- Wallaces Farmer 10/18/18

The Science Behind Shattered Soybeans -- KTIC Radio 10/17/18

Recipe For Success: Anderson Earns Award from Alma Mater -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/16/18

Rain and Snow Shattering Farmers’ Hopes for Decent Soybean Crop -- The Progressive Farmer 10/15/18

Mueller’s Top 3 Soybean Diseases of 2018 -- Iowa State University 10/15/18

Managing Grain Bins Key To Success In 2018 -- The Messenger 10/15/18

Robinson: Ready, Set, Harvest Your Soybean Fields -- AgriNews 10/12/18

SCN Populations Increasing -- Wallaces Farmer 10/12/18

How To Minimize Soul Compaction During Harvest -- Iowa State University 10/11/18

Is It Feasible To Lower My Soil pH? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 10/10/18

Boxing Up Ag Field Nitrogen -- American Society of Agronomy 10/10/18

Tillage Decisions Affect Soybean Profitability -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/09/18

Seed Quality Issues In Soybean -- Corn+Soybean Digest 10/09/18

Consider Fall SCN Tests -- The Progressive Farmer 10/09/18

Drying Soybeans Artificially -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/09/18

Crop Quality Hurt By Rains -- Corn+Soybean Digest 10/08/18

Picking Beans -- The Progressive Farmer 10/02/18

Storing Soybeans Requires Different Management -- The Progressive Farmer 10/02/18

Some Soybean Fields Have a Big Purple Problem -- Successful Farming 10/01/18

September 2018

Minimize Soybean Harvest Loss and Maximize Cost Per Bushel -- Corn+Soybean Digest 09/29/18

Harvest Considerations To Reduce Weed Seed Movement -- Corn+Soybean Digest 09/29/18

Management of Flood-submerged Grain -- Iowa State University 09/27/18

Big Data In Action: Using Farmer Data To Increase Yield In the Midwest -- Iowa Soybean Association 09/25/18

Field Day Educates Land Contractors and Farmers -- Iowa Soybean Association 09/25/18

Be Aware of Stalk and Grain Quality Issues -- The Messenger 09/23/18

Advisory: Iowa State University Experts Available To Comment On 2018 Harvest -- Iowa State University 09/20/18

Maximizing Soybean Harvest -- Voice of Muscatine 09/20/18

The Impact of the 2018 Trade Disruptions on the Iowa Economy -- Iowa State University 09/18

Dicamba Works When Used Properly -- High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal 09/17/18

ISA Panel Looks to Future of Soybeans -- Spencer Daily Reporter 09/14/18

Evaluating Fertilizer Purchase Decisions: Frequently Asked Questions -- Corn+Soybean Digest 09/13/18

Iowa State University Researchers Received National Science Foundation Grant to Develop Innovative Mathematical Models for Agriculture -- SeedQuest 09/13/18

Update on Soybean Gall Midge -- Iowa Soybean Association 09/11/18

Reflecting on SCN in Iowa Through the Years -- Iowa State University 09/10/18

Harvest Considerations to Reduce Weed Seed Movement -- Iowa State University 09/10/18

What You Need To Know About Soybean Gall Midge -- AgPro 09/10/18

Technology Solves Agriculture Labor Problems -- WHO TV 09/05/18

2018 Labor Day Palmer Amaranth Tour -- Iowa State University 09/03/18

August 2018

Enhancing Soybean Storage Starts with Harvest Moisture -- Farm Forum 08/31/18

Test For Soybean Cyst Nematode Now -- AgWeb 08/30/18

Soy Natural: Genetic Resistance Against Aphids -- Corn+Soybean Digest 08/29/18

10 Minutes to Increase Your Profit: Measuring Harvest Loss In Soybeans -- Iowa Soybean Association 08/28/18

Simpson College Students Research Palmer Amaranth Risk -- Iowa Soybean Association 08/28/18

Dicamba Drift Issues Continue To Haunt Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 08/27/18

Study Claims Rains and Heat Will Get More Intense From Climate Change -- Radio Iowa 08/27/18

Banner Year for the Weedy Cukes -- Iowa State University 08/25/18

Soybean Diseases to Be On the Lookout For -- KTIC Radio 08/24/18

It’s #NoTillb4Beans and #CoverYourBeans -- Wallaces Farmer 08/23/18

Soybean Gall Midge Confirmed In Clay County -- Daily Reporter 08/27/18

New Crop Scouting Technology -- Wallaces Farmer 08/22/18

Recommendations for Seeding Cover Crops In Late Summer -- Corn+Soybean Digest 08/21/18

Soybean Potassium Deficiency Symptoms During Early and Late Growing Stages -- Iowa State University 08/21/18

How Has Dicamba Impacted 2018 Crops? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 08/17/18

Soybean Gall Midge Confirmed in 12 Counties in Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 08/17/18

Patches of Soybeans Maturing Early? -- Wallaces Farmer 08/13/18

Red Alert: Soybean Gall Midge -- Iowa Soybean Association 08/10/18

Frogeye Leaf Spot Making An Appearance Across Iowa Soybeans -- Iowa State University 08/10/18

SCN Development In 2018 -- Corn+Soybean Digest 08/09/18

Agronomist: Early Soybean Planting Here to Stay -- AgriNews 08/08/18

Soybean Farmers Learn About Efforts To Combat Soybean Cyst Nematode -- KVRR 08/08/18

When Is It Too Late To Spray for Soybean Aphid? -- Iowa State University 08/08/18

You "Mite" Want to Scout Drought-Stressed Crops -- Iowa State University 08/06/18

Soybean Insects Abuzz This Summer -- Wallaces Farmer 08/02/18

Cropland Values Show Small Increase in the USA -- Corn+Soybean Digest 08/02/18


July 2018

New Soybean Pest In Iowa: Soybean Gall Midge -- Iowa State University 07/31/18

Soybean Flowering Fallacy -- Corn+Soybean Digest 07/23/18

Mile-A-Minute Weed Found In Iowa -- Iowa State University 07/23/18

Managing Japanese Beetles In Corn and Soybeans -- Corn+Soybean Digest 07/20/18

As Aphids Spread In Central Minnesota, Soybean Farmers Face Pesticide Dilemma -- StarTribune 07/20/18

Time Is Money -- Corn+Soybean Digest 07/19/18

A Better Perspective on Production Research -- Iowa Soybean Association 07/17/18

Missy Bauer: Soybean Disease Watchouts -- AgPro 07/16/18

5 Tips For Effectively Using Plant Tissue Data -- Corn+Soybean Digest 07/13/18

What South Dakota Soybean Growers Need To Know About Palmer Amaranth and More -- Farm Forum 07/02/18


June 2018

Soybeans benefiting From Early Plantings -- Agrinews 06/29/18

ISU Survey: Iowa’s Farmland Owners Continue to Age -- Iowa State University 06/29/18

Weather Conditions Ripe for Physoderma Brown Spot and Node Rot and Gray Leaf Spot -- Iowa State University 06/29/18

The Next Step In Reducing Nutrient Loss -- Wallaces Farmer 06/2718

Warm Temperatures Roll Out Welcome Mat for SCN -- AgPro 06/26/18

Long-Term Crop Rotation Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions -- Herald Whig 06/24/18

Consequences of Endless Rain -- Iowa Soybean Association 06/22/18

Postemergence Marestail and Pigweed Control In Soybean Fields -- No-Till Farmer 06/21/18

Soybean Roots In Iowa Soils -- Iowa Soybean Association 06/19/18

Area Farmers Fighting Volunteer Corn In Fields -- 06/17/18

Japanese Beetle Adults Emerge In Southern Iowa -- Iowa State University 06/14/18

Don’t Mistake This Look-alike Chafer -- Iowa State University 06/14/18

Soybean Injury From Dicamba -- Integrated Pest and Crop Management Wisconsin 06/13/18

SCN Females Seen on Roots As Early As Ever In 2018 -- Iowa State University 06/12/18

Twisted Whorls, Buggy Whipping, Yellow Leaves -- Wallaces Farmer 06/12/18

Think Before Replanting Soybeans -- Successful Farming 06/11/18

Are Your Beans "Feeling the Burn"? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/11/18

With Hail Hitting Corn and Soybeans, Should You Replant? -- Wallaces Farmer 06/11/18

Protect Young crops From Insect Troubles -- Agrinews 06/11/18

Navigating Through a Soil Health Assessment -- Iowa State University 06/07/18

Save Time-Use a Hula Hoop to Calculate Soybean Population -- AgPro 06/06/18

Use Residual Herbicides Properly for Maximum Effect -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/06/18

Nitrogen Cycling and Cover Crops -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/06/18

Late-planted Soybean Recommendations Offered -- The County Press 06/06/18

Soybean Cyst Nematode: Race Shifts and Grass Cover Crops as a Potential Alternative Control -- The Bulletin Illinois 06/04/18

The Soybean Flowering-Summer Solstice Fallacy -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/04/18

Refocusing Attention On the Most Yield Limiting Pathogen of Soybean -- Minnesota Crop News 06/04/18

Manage Farmed Potholes -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/01/18

Western Corn Rootworm: Adult Sampling and Economic Thresholds -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/01/18

Tips To Build A Digital Farm Strategy -- Corn+Soybean Digest 06/01/18


May 2018

Radish Cover Crop Traps Nitrogen; Mystery Follows -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/30/18

It’s Time To Actively Manage SCN -- Successful Farming 05/30/18

Will the Above Normal Temps Give Crops A Boost? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/30/18

Assessing Crop Hail Damage -- Successful Farming 05/29/18

Investing In Cover Crops -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/23/18

Long-term Study Shows Crop Rotation Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions -- 05/23/18

The Season For Slugs -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/23/18

Striking Nematodes From the Start -- Iowa Soybean Association 05/22/18

UW-Madison Soybean Checkoff Funded Collaborative International Research and Outreach -- Wisconsin State Farmer 05/21/18

Be Award of Wetlands Determination -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/18/18

Strategies for Late Termination of Cereal Rye Cover Crop -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/17/18

Dicamba: Training for Success -- Iowa Soybean Association 05/16/18

Nitrogen Applications -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/16/18

Soybean Farmers Face Weedy Challenge -- The Courier 05/15/18

Delayed Planting Afflicted on Northern Iowa -- Iowa State University 05/14/18

2018 Soybean Yield Guide -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/14/18

Common Soybean Emergence and Germination Issues With Video -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/14/18

Scientists use invisible light to monitor crop photosynthesis, performance -- Herald-Whig 05/13/18

Wait, There’s Profit In Conservation Practices? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/11/18

Around the World of Agriculture In More Than 80 Days -- Iowa Soybean Association 05/10/18

Growing Soybeans 101 -- Successful Farming 05/10/18

Putting the Numbers To White Mold Development -- Iowa Soybean Association 05/08/18

Time to Consider Planting, Spray Practices -- This Week 05/08/18

-- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/08/18

Be Mindful of Honeybees and Other Pollinators during Planting

Factors Affecting Successful Soybean Inoculation and Nodulation -- No-Till Farmer 05/08/18

A Visual Guide To Soybean Growth Stages -- No-Till Farmer 05/07/18

Soybean Replant Decisions: Just the Facts Jack! -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/07/18

Iowa State University Research Examines Switchgrass Feasibility in Crop Fields -- High Plains/Midwest Journal 05/06/2018

Soybean Weed Control: Crimped Cover Crop Strategy -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/04/18

Are You PRE-emergence Ready for Soybean Planting? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 05/03/18

New Midwest Stink Bug App Now Available -- Iowa State University 05/02/18

Billion Dollar Pest Leaves Farmers Demanding New Solutions -- Ag Web 05/01/18


April 2018

SCN Still No. 1 Yield Robber -- Wallaces Farmer 04/27/18

Soil Water, Residue, and Nitrogen Status Entering the 2018 Growing Season -- Iowa State University 04/26/18

3 Steps to Extend Crop Insurance Deadline for Cover Crop Termination -- Practical Farmers 04/26/18

New Iowa State University Research Could Help Farmers Diagnose Soybean Stresses With  A Smartphone -- Iowa State University 04/26/18

SDS Threat Higher In Early Planted Soybeans -- Ag Web 04/25/18

Veteran Cover Crop Farmer Creates List of Top Considerations -- Iowa Soybean Association 04/25/18

Late Spring and Cover Crops Can Still Work -- Iowa Soybean Association 04/24/18

Build Your Soil Aggregates -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/24/18

As Generations Age, Farm Owners Less Connected To Their Land -- Missourian 04/23/18

Amplifying Positive Impacts of Early Soybean Planting -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/23/18

Central Iowa Farmer Fears Soybean Tariff -- WHO TV 04/23/18

Corn, Soybeans Prone To Diseases, Pests with Cool, Wet Weather -- Kerney Hub 04/21/18

Top 5 Sustainable Soybean Production Practices -- Ag Web 04/20/18

Slug Management In Illinois Field Crops -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/20/18

Every Acre A Trial Plot -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/20/18

New Online Tool Helps Farmers Assess Value of Cover Crops -- Iowa Learning Farms 04/19/18

April’s Cold and Snow Shouldn’t Worry Farmers-Yet -- Iowa State University 04/19/18

Row Crops In the Black-For Now -- Iowa Soybean Association 04/19/18

The Soybean Seeding Rate Conundrum -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/18/18

Root Exudates Affect Soil Stability, Water Repellency -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/18/18

Publications Help Farmers Make Management Decisions -- Iowa State University 04/17/18

Seed Is Precious -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/17/18

Iowa State: Soybean Cyst Nematodes Are Still A Serious Concern -- Ag Daily 04/17/18

The Ins and Outs of Early Planting for Soybeans -- Ohio's Country Journal 04/16/18

UNL Research Shows Ragweed Reduces Soybean Yields -- Nebraska TV 04/15/18

What To Do While Waiting To Plant -- Ag Prod 04/12/18

Computer-Simulated Soybeans -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/12/18

Ernst Hears Value Of ISU Research -- Kalona News 04/12/18

Corn and Soybean Insect, Disease Review -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/10/18

Making Informed Decisions -- Iowa Soybean Association 04/10/18

Agriculture Retail Group Supports Clean Water for Iowa -- Iowa Soybean Association 04/10/18

Prospective Planting Report Shows Stable Corn Acres in Iowa, Soybeans Down 2% -- Denison Bulletin Review 04/06/18

ASA Welcomes USDA Announcement On Plant Breeding Innovations -- American Soybean Association 04/05/18

Julie Kenney, A Central Iowa Corn and Soybean Farmer, Named Deputy Ag Secretary -- Des Moines Register 04/03/18

Australian Vine Can Boost Soybean Yield, Study Says -- Science Daily 04/03/18

Find Positive Change -- Corn+Soybean Digest 04/02/18


March 2018

Check Stored Grain, For Spoilage, Before Weather Warms for Spring -- Farm World 03/28/18

Ragweed Casts Shade On Soy Production -- Science Daily 03/28/18

The Secret‘s Out: Intensive Management Key To Higher Soybean Yields -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/28/18

Is SCN Overcoming Resistance in Your Fields? -- Ag Web 03/27/18

How Much Nitrogen Can Be Saved By Planting Cover Crops? The Results Are In -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/27/18

Check Tires To Make Spring Field Work Efficient -- Corn+Soybean Digest 03/27/18

Risk Management Part of Spring Planning for Farmers -- Southern Illinoisan 03/24/18

Central Iowa Could Get Warmer, Rainier Spring -- Ames Tribune 03/23/18

Dicamba: What Is Success or Failure in 2018? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 03/23/18

Soybean Genomes Unmasked -- 03/22/18

The SCN Coalition: The Sequel -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/21/18

Fixing Soybean’s Need For Nitrogen -- 03/21/18

Cover Crop Economics -- Corn+Soybean Digest 03/21/18

Manager’s Notebook: Early Soybean Planting Throws Wrench In Spring Time Management -- FarmFutures 03/20/18

Future of Agriculture -- Corn+Soybean Digest 03/20/18

Study Targets Cover Crops To Manage SCN -- Herald Whig 03/18/18

Monarch Consortium Sets Iowa Habitat Goals -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/15/18

Soybean Acres Could Win Battle of Economics Versus Rotation -- FarmWeekNow 03/15/18

Trials Examine if Nitrogen Application Benefits Soybeans -- Agrinews 03/14/18

Wasps Among Us -- Progressive Farmer 03/14/18

Cover Crops: Be a Little Crazy -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/13/18

Tile Water Monitoring Part 2: Differences In Crop and Nitrogen Rates -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/13/18

2018 Fertilizer Prices Turn Higher -- Agricultural Economic Insights 03/12/18

Everything Agronomic is Economic -- Corn+Soybean Digest 03/09/18

Analysis of Farmer Field Data for Soybean -- University of Wisconsin 03/08/18

Tips for Overcoming Declining Farm Income -- Agrinews 03/08/18

March 7, The Future Is Now For CRISPR Technology -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/07/18

What is your definition for soil health? -- Michigan State University 03/07/18

Tips and Tricks from Soybean Farmers -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/07/18

In the Weeds with Mike Owen -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/07/18

Can Off-Target Dicamba Boost Soybean Yields? -- Successful Farming 03/06/18

Iowa Farmer Wins National Conservation Legacy Award -- American Soybean Association 03/05/18

Manager’s Notebook: Acreage Battle -- Farm Futures 03/05/18

The Future of Predicting Yield Production -- Successful Farming 03/05/18

Iowa State University Research Finds Wind Farms Positively Impact Crops -- Iowa State University 03/05/18

Farmland Values Stabilizing in Region that Includes Iowa and Illinois -- Quad-City Times 03/03/18

Rohrscheib: Seven habits for profitable soybean success -- Agrinews 03/02/18

Tools, Resources Unveiled to Help Soybean Growers Support Pollinators -- Farm Forum 03/02/18

Start the Crop Year Right By Making the Soybean Planter Work Harder -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/01/18

Demand for Soybean Drives Iowa Exports to China -- Iowa State University 03/01/18

SCN Coalition launches new mission -- High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal 03/01/18


February 2018

Mapping Unchartered Territories -- Iowa Soybean Association Magazine February 2018

Making the Case for Public Research -- Iowa Soybean Association Magazine February 2018

Iowa Soybeans: Consider 15-Inch Row Spacing -- Agfax 02/28/18

Iowa Cover Crop Acres Grow, but Rate Declines in 2017 -- Iowa State University 02/27/18

Watch Out for Soybean Aphid ‘Insurance’ Insecticide Applications -- Successful Farming 02/27/18

Soil Health: Not Your Grandfather's Dirt -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/26/18

Tile Water Monitoring-2017 In Review -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/26/18

Study: Cover Crops May Increase Yields over Time -- Herald-Whig 02/25/18

Stop Soybean Profit Loss to SCN -- Corn+Soybean Digest 02/24/18

Growing More Ag Entrepreneurs -- Wallaces Farmer 02/23/18

Winter Slumber Party - Who's Sleeping in Your Fields -- Progressive Farmer 02/22/18

Adherence and Recordkeeping Stressed at Dicamba Meetings -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/22/18

Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungicide Resistance Confirmed in Iowa Soybean -- Iowa State University 02/19/18

14 Things Every Corn Farmer Must Do Right Now -- Successful Farming 02/19/18

Interactive Crop Scout Training Available Online -- Iowa State University 02/16/18

Ignorance not bliss if wanting to make the most of ag data -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/15/18

Farmers Oppose 2019 Budget -- Ottumwa Courier 02/14/18

Shipley Enjoying Time Spent as President of the Iowa Soybean Association -- KMA Land 02/14/19

Out-of-the Box Weed Solutions -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/13/18

Iowa State University Leads Harrison County Project to Combat Weeds Resistant to Herbicides -- Iowa State University 02/13/18

Iowa State University Economists Outline Benefits of Reducing Nitrates -- Iowa State University 02/13/18

Coalition launches 4R Plus Nutrient and Conservation Stewardship Program for Iowa’s Farmers -- The Nature Conservancy 02/13/18

ISA Scores at ISU -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/10/18

Gaesser: Strong, Healthy Farms Key to Iowa's Future -- KMA Land 02/09/18

Herbicide Resistant Weed Concerns Shown in Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll -- Iowa State University 02/08/18

Soy Growers Planning to Apply Dicamba Must Go Through Training -- American Soybean Association 02/08/18

ISA and ISU - Partners in Progress -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/08/18

Herbicides Alone Won’t Beat Weeds -- Corn+Soybean Digest 02/07/18

Be a Data Shark -- Corn+Soybean Digest 02/06/18

Soybean Disease Identification Resource Updated for 2018 -- Crop Life 02/06/18

Weed Control Results Report Available Online
The ISU Weed Science Program 2017 Weed Control Results report is available and can be downloaded at the ISU Extension and Outreach Extension Store. The free report provides unbiased comparisons for herbicides used in corn and soybean production. Research was conducted at a number of Iowa sites.

Better Management, ‘Stealing’ Ideas Key to Combatting Weeds, Experts Say | Iowa Soybean Association -- ISA Newsroom 02/01/18


January 2018

Corn, Soybean Growers Hear of Bright Potential for Farm Economy Growth -- McLeod County Chronicle 01/31/18

Data Pegs Soybean Yield Gap -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/29/18

Increased Soybean Yields Through Improved Management -- Farm Talk 01/29/18

The Rise of the Sensor -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/27/18

Iowa Achieves High Yields Despite Drought -- Wallaces Farmer 01/26/18

Weed Biology Key to Success -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/26/18

New Site Gives Midwest Farmers Easy Access to Crop Management Resources -- Iowa State University 01/25/18

Narrower Rows, Early-season Action Can Improve Weed Management -- ISA Newsroom 01/25/18

What’s Really Driving High Soybean Yields? Yeah, Someone Did a Study -- Farm Futures 01/25/18

Tips for Increasing Your Soybean Yield -- Agrinews 01/24/18

Pervasive Pest Surveyed across Iowa -- ISA Newsroom 01/23/18

Partnering for Better Soil Health -- ISA Newsroom 01/23/18

Dicamba’s Last Year? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/23/18

Researchers at ISU Develop Sensors to Help Farmers Understand How Much Nitrogen and Water Their Crops Need -- 01/23/18

Fertilizer Decisions for Newly Rented Ground -- Wallaces Farmer 01/22/18

The Strength of Iowa's Native Roots -- Iowa State Daily 01/22/18

Do Cover Crops Affect Corn, Soybean Yields? -- Wallaces Farmer 01/19/18

Act Now or Lose More Yield, Income to Weeds, Say Agronomic Experts -- Iowa Soybean Association 01/18/18

Dig this Data for Higher Soybean Yields -- American Agriculturist 01/18/18

Recipe for Soybean Success -- Agrinews 01/17/18

Dicamba Training Opportunities --Iowa Soybean Association 01/17/18

Midwest Weed Control Review -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/16/18

Should You Invest in Soybean Seed Treatments? -- Wallaces Farmer 01/15/18

Is Our Growing Season Changing? -- The Messenger 01/15/18

Can You Build Soil Health? -- AgWeek 01/14/18

Study: Cover Crops Can Increase Corn, Soybean Yields -- Iowa Public Radio 01/12/18

Transition to Data-driven Decisions on the Farm -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/11/18

Social Networks Play Integral Part in Conservation Practice Adoption -- Iowa State University 01/02/18


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