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April 2020

Crop Management Webinar Series Begins April 6 -- Wallaces Farmer 4/3/20

What Should USDA Be Studying? -- Wallaces Farmer 4/3/20

Iowa State University Seed Science Center Protecting $1.6 billion in Seed Exports During Pandemic -- Iowa State University 4/3/20

Seven Things to Know Before You Spray Dicamba in 2020 -- Progressive Farmer 4/3/20

Pesticide Applications – Are you Prepared? -- Iowa State University 4/2/20

Iowa Learning Farms April 8 Webinar -- Morning Ag Clips 4/2/20

Soy Innovation Challenge to Award Disruptors -- Morning Ag Clips 4/2/20

Soybeans Make a Good Addition to Home Garden -- Magnolia Reporter 4/2/20

Cover Payroll, Debt With Small Business Administration Loans -- Wallaces Farmer 4/2/20

Early Report Suggests More Soybean, Corn Acres in 2020 -- Iowa Soybean Association 4/1/20

Terminate Cover Crops Properly This Spring -- Wallaces Farmer 4/2/20

10 Planting Tips From Agronomic Experts -- Successful Farming 4/1/20

Safe Soybeans, Hazards to Crew -- Morning Ag Clips 4/1/20

Updated Views on Corn and Soybean Planting Recommendations -- Iowa State University 4/1/20

Conservation Best Practices Manual Available for Download -- Wallaces Farmer 4/1/20

Young Farmers Focus on Soil Health for Future of Farm -- Wallaces Farmer 4/1/20

What’s in the CARES Act? -- Wallaces Farmer 4/1/20



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March 2020

EPA Approves New Soybean Weed Tool -- Nebraska TV 3/31/20

Want to Make $200 More Per Acre? -- Successful Farming 3/31/20

New Soybean Variety with Alternative Source of Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance Shows Promise -- Successful Farming 3/31/20

Area USDA 2020 Prospective Plantings reports -- Aberdeen News 3/31/20

2020 Prospective Plantings: Corn Soars, Soybeans Bounce, Wheat Falls -- Farm Bureau 3/31/20

Organic Soybean Producers Can Be Competitive Using Little or No Tillage -- 3/31/20

Early-planted Soybeans Yield Well for Redwood County Farmer -- The Courier 3/31/20

Illinois Farmers Cautious About Corn, Soybean Season Despite Projected Rise in Plantings -- Herald & Review 3/31/20

Iowa Researchers Looking Into Soybean-based Asphalt -- RFDTV 3/30/20

Soy Innovation Challenge to Award Disruptive Innovators -- AgDaily 3/30/20

Join Us April 6-10 for the "Essential Row Crop Management" Webinar Series! -- Iowa State University 3/31/20

Tech Improves Seeding Consistency -- Wallaces Farmer 3/31/20

Applicator Deadline to Renew Pesticide Certification Waived -- Wallaces Farmer 3/31/20

EPA Approves Use of Isoxaflutole on GMO Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 3/31/20

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Invites New Proposals for Water Quality Research -- Iowa State University 3/30/20

Optimum Cover Crop Mixture Ahead of Soybeans -- Morning Ag Clips 3/30/20

Soybean Farmers Could Be Looking at Positive Year -- Ottumwa Courier 3/30/20

Goplen: Small Grains Could Be Your Field’s Best Friend -- The Land 3/30/20

Another Wet Spring? -- Wallaces Farmer 3/30/20

Keen Attention to 4R's Has Economic Benefits -- Wallaces Farmer 3/30/20

Iowa FSA, NRCS Offices Open by Appointment Only -- Wallaces Farmer 3/30/20

Iowa Pesticide Applicators Have More Time to Complete Recertification -- Iowa State University 3/30/20

Stream Channel Incision and Groundwater Depth Topic of Iowa Learning Farms Webinar -- Iowa State University 3/30/20

Using Machine Learning for Crop Breeding -- Morning Ag Clips 3/29/20

Researchers Share Aphid Insights -- AgriNews 3/29/20

Beneficial Insects and Pest Management -- Ohio’s Country Journal 3/27/20

Availability Key to Fall’s Cover Crop Seed Costs -- Kenosha News 3/27/20

Conservation Best Practices Manual Available for Free Download -- Aberdeen News 3/27/20

Interactive Display Monitor Help for Your 2020 Crop Season -- Iowa State University  3/27/20

When Should You Plant Soybeans? -- Wallaces Farmer 3/27/20

Planting Window Getting Shorter -- Wallaces Farmer 3/27/20

Agriculture Continues as COVID-19 Threatens Nation -- Wallaces Farmer 3/27/20

COVID-19 Won't Stop Seed, Chemicals -- Wallaces Farmer 3/27/20

Senate Stimulus Includes Aid for Ag -- Iowa Farmer Today 3/27/20

Building Your Optimum Cover Crop Mixture Ahead of Soybeans -- Ag Daily 3/27/20

Innovative Iowa State University Scientist Advances Machine Learning as Tool for Crop Breeding -- Iowa State University 3/26/20

National Cover Crop Survey Requesting Participants -- Iowa State University  3/26/20

Spring Tillage, Planting Tips -- Wallaces Farmer 3/26/20

Crop Sulfur Fertilization This Spring -- Iowa State University 3/25/20

Terminating Cover Crops This Spring -- Iowa State University 3/25/20

Proper Spring Grain Drying and Storage Critical -- Williston Herald 3/25/20

Could Prairie Strips Benefit Farm Profits and the Environment? -- Iowa State University 3/25/20

Farmers Assess Cover Crops After Tough 2019 -- Ag Update 3/25/20

Iowa Farmer Uses 3D Printer to Break New DIY Ground -- AgWeb 3/25/20

Ultra-High-Protein Soybean Coming in 2021 -- Wallaces Farmer 3/25/20

ISU Ag Engineering Program Ranks No. 1 -- Wallaces Farmer 3/25/20

Putting a Value on Aerial Scouting -- Wallaces Farmer 3/25/20

BeSure! to Protect Bees in Planting Season -- Wallaces Farmer 3/25/20

Ag Research in Limbo -- Progressive Farmer 3/24/20

Additional Resources Made Available Amid Event Cancellations -- Iowa State University 3/24/20

Conservation Best Practices Manual Available -- Morning Ag Clips 3/24/20

Soybean Inoculation -- Sabetha Herald 3/23/20

Crop Scouting Tips and Tricks -- Wallaces Farmer 3/24/20

Crop Invaders - Trio of New Threats -- Progressive Farmer 3/24/20

Want to Reduce Pests and Increase Profits? -- Grainnews 3/23/20

CAMPBELL: Marestail Control in Soybeans -- Hays Post 3/23/20

Soybean pros share tips for boosting yield, profit -- Iowa Farmer Today 3/23/20

Soybeans Seed Market – Key Players, Size, Trends, Growth Opportunities, Analysis and Forecast To 2025 -- Periodical 360 3/23/20

Profit, Acres Shift Between Corn and Soybeans -- Dispatch-Argus 3/23/20

IDALS Waives Deadline for Pesticide Applicators to Renew Certification -- IDALS 3/23/20

ISU Extension and Outreach Celebrates National Ag Day -- Iowa State University 3/23/20

Technology-Driven Research -- Iowa Soybean Association 3/23/20

Virtual tools help advocate for agriculture, National Ag Day -- Wallaces Farmer 3/23/20

Put More Soybeans in the Bin -- Wallaces Farmer 3/23/20

‘Vision 2030’ Addresses Ag, Climate Change -- Wallaces Farmer 3/23/20

Spring Planting Tips -- Iowa Soybean Association 3/23/20

Tillage Timeout -- Iowa Soybean Association 3/23/20

Study Shines Light on Full Potential of Soybeans – AgriNews 3/22/20

New Study Finds Soybean Industry has $115B Impact on the Economy -- The North Platte Telegraph 3/22/20

Predictions Today, Prescriptions Tomorrow: Research Aims to Convert Data Into Optimal Solutions -- Successful Farming 3/20/20

Iowa Learning Farms to Host Webinars During COVID-19 Pandemic -- Iowa State University 3/20/20

USDA Works to Ensure Ag Business Not Interrupted -- Wallaces Farmer 3/20/20

Farming, COVID-19 and a New Podcast -- Wallaces Farmer 3/20/20

Study: US Soybean Sector Contributes $115 Billion to Economy – 3/20/20

Study Examines Soybean Industry Impact -- Wallaces Farmer 3/20/20

Managing Winter Annual Weeds This Spring -- Iowa State University 3/20/20

Visit for Updates on Services -- Morning Ag Clips 3/20/20

Crop Protection Network Releases 2020 Fungicide Efficacy Tables -- Iowa State University 3/19/20

Test in Spring to Track Soybean Cyst Nematode Success -- KMA 3/19/20

When It's Time to Roll! -- Iowa State University 3/19/20

How COVID-19 Will Impact 2020 Planting Decisions -- Successful Farming 3/19/20

Organizers Err on Side of Caution Due to Coronavirus Outbreak -- Wallaces Farmer 3/19/20

Management Considerations for Slugs: Do Insecticides Work? -- Iowa State University 3/19/20

Coronavirus Talk Dominates Soybean Summit -- Illinois Farmer Today 3/18/20

Coronavirus Talk Dominates Soybean Summit -- Illinois Farmer Today 3/18/20

Crop Protection Network Releases 2020 Fungicide Efficacy Tables -- Iowa State University 3/18/20

Management Considerations for Millipedes and Isopods: Do Insecticides Work? -- Iowa State University 3/18/20

Legally Operating a Drone in the Agriculture Industry -- Iowa State University 3/18/20

What's it Mean to Grow the Protein Pie? -- Wallaces Farmer 3/18/20

Optimizing Soybean Planting Decisions -- Ohio’s Country Journal 3/18/20

High Oleic Acid Soybeans Offer Benefits to Dairy Cows, Farmers, Research Shows -- 3/18/20

Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic to Offer Some Remote Diagnostics -- Iowa State University 3/17/20

ISU Extension and Outreach Events Canceled -- Morning Ag Clips 3/17/20

Agronomy Tip: How to Sample for Soybean Cyst Nematode This Spring -- Successful Farming 3/17/20

Yield Considerations for High Speed Planting -- Iowa State University 3/17/20

Organizers Err on Side of Caution Due to Coronavirus Outbreak -- Farm Progress 3/16/20

Conservation-Minded Farmers Share Ideas -- Wallaces Farmer 3/16/20

ISU Northern Research Farm Reports High Yield Growing Season -- Globe Gazette 3/14/20

Soybean Research Recap -- Ohio’s Country Journal 3/13/20

5 Steps to Better Soybean Profits -- Successful Farming 3/13/20

Class for Beginning Crop Scouts -- Wallaces Farmer 3/13/20

Farmers Set Up Soybean Aphid Traps to Save Their Crops -- FreeNews 3/13/20

High Speed Planting Technology -- Iowa State University 3/13/20

How Does NASS Collect County Yield Data? -- Wallaces Farmer 3/13/20

So Many Crop Invaders -- Progressive Farmer 3/13/20

ISU Researchers Study Soybean Drought Resiliency -- Morning Ag Clip 3/12/20

On-Farm Trials: Opportunities for Farmers -- Wallaces Farmer 3/12/20

Soybean-based Asphalt One Track Closer to Commercialization -- Iowa Soybean Association 3/11/20

Test in Spring for Soybean Cyst Nematode -- The Caldwell County News 3/11/20

Learn More About Cover Crops, No-Till and Soil Health -- Wallaces Farmer 3/11/20

Manage Residual Herbicides With Cover Crops -- Wallaces Farmer 3/11/20

Microbes Play Important Role in Soil’s Nitrogen Cycle -- Morning Ag Clips 3/11/20

Iowa State Researchers Explore Plant-Microbe Relationships for Drought Resiliency -- Iowa State University 3/10/20

The Versatility of Soybeans -- RFD TV 3/10/20

Uptick in Conservation Practice Adoption -- Morning Ag Clips 3/10/20

Key Steps to Beat SCN -- Wallaces Farmer 3/10/20

Ten-Year Cover Crop Study Shows No Yield Loss -- Wallaces Farmer 3/9/20

Got Soy In Your Skechers? -- Wallaces Farmer 3/9/20

Soil Fertility Workshop March 17 -- Morning Ag Clips 3/9/20

Fayette County Man’s Company Making Skin-Saving Product From Soybeans -- Herald-Standard 3/9/20

Timing Key to Cover Crop Termination Before Planting -- Iowa Farmer Today 3/6/20

Forever True to Iowa and Ag -- Wallaces Farmer 3/6/20

Challenges Linger From 2019 -- Ohio’s Country Journal 3/6/20

Warm Winter Woes -- Progressive Farmer 3/5/20

Pests Give No Soybeans Rest -- The Land 3/5/20

To Study Pesky Aphids, Scientists Suck Them From the Sky -- Atlas Obscura 3/5/20

Women in Ag Conference Set for March 28 -- Wallaces Farmer 3/5/20

Tips for Spring SCN Soil Sampling and Seed Selection -- Morning Ag Clips 3/5/20

February Forums Yield Farmer Insights -- Iowa Soybean Association 3/5/20

Center for Soybean Innovation Celebrates Grand Opening in Jefferson City -- News Tribune 3/5/20

Iowa State to Hold Inaugural Conference on Ag Innovation -- Iowa Farmer Today 3/5/20

A Decade-Long Study Finds Cover Crops Help Farmers Improve Soil -- Iowa Public Radio 3/4/20

When Does Lime Become a Must for 2020 Soybeans? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 3/4/20

10-Year Study Shows Corn, Soybean Yields Not Affected by Cover Crops -- Iowa State University 3/4/20

Soil Fertility Workshop Will Help Producers Maximize Profitability -- Iowa State University 3/4/20

Iowa Farmers Build Soil Health -- Morning Ag Clips 3/4/20

Crop Scout School for Growers and Beginners -- Morning Ag Clips 3/4/20

Cover Crops Field Day March 24th -- Morning Ag Clips 3/4/20

Learn More About Risk Management for Farmers -- Wallaces Farmer 3/4/20

Soybean Success: Lumpe Brings Decades of Experience to ISA CEO Post -- AgriNews 3/3/20

Soybean Gall Midge is a New Crop Pest to Watch For -- AgWeek 3/3/20

Weed Scientist Discusses Future of Dicamba -- Wallaces Farmer 3/3/20

Farm Program Choice Q&A: ARC-IC -- Wallaces Farmer 3/3/20

Benefits Beyond the Farm -- Wallaces Farmer 3/3/20

ISU On-Farm Demonstration Trials: Opportunities for Farmers -- Iowa State University 3/2/20

Iowa Learning Farms Webinar March 18 -- Morning Ag Clips 3/2/20

Variety Matters in Cover Crops -- Corn+Soybean Digest 3/1/20

Study Shows Positive Effect of Cover Crops on Soil -- Morning Ag Clips 3/1/20

Important Options On Risk Management -- Morning Ag Clips 3/1/20


February 2020

2020 Growing Season is Top of Mind for Many Midwestern Farmers -- Brownfield Ag News 2/29/20

Data Shows Extent of Tough 2019 on Quad-City Area Farmers -- Quad City Times 2/29/20

Read, Watch or Listen to Important Options on Risk Management -- Iowa State University 2/28/20

Apply Now for CSP, EQIP -- Wallaces Farmer 2/28/20

Congratulations, and Many Thanks -- Wallaces Farmer 2/28/20

This Beetle Got a Boost When it Partnered Up With Antifungal Bacteria -- University of Wisconsin 2/27/20

Make Grain Bin Safety Your Priority -- Wallaces Farmer 2/27/2020

Crop Insurance Basics -- Wallaces Farmer 2/27/2020

Timely Fertility, Avoiding Plant Stress Lead to High Soybean Yields -- Delta FarmPress 2/26/20

Cover Crop Field Day March 17th -- Morning Ag Clips 2/26/20

Women in Agriculture Conference March 28 -- Morning Ag Clips 2/26/20

NRCS to Begin Restructuring Iowa Offices -- Wallaces Farmer 2/26/20

Iowa Water Quality Projects Get Boost -- Wallaces Farmer 2/26/20

Soybeans And Other Crops Are Hurting For Light, But This Research Fights Shadows -- Forbes 2/26/20

Measuring Light on Soybean Fields -- Wallaces Farmer 2/26/20

Soybean Fertility Study in Western Nebraska: What's Limiting High Yield and Protein? -- No-Till Farmer 2/26/20

Dialing In Conservation Tillage -- AgPro 2/26/20

Oxidative Stability of Soy Proteins: From Ground Soybeans to Structured Products -- Science Direct 2/26/20

Measuring Light on Soybean Fields -- Wallaces Farmer 2/26/20

Managing Residual Herbicides with Cover Crops -- Iowa State University 2/25/20

USB Take Action Webinar Series -- Ohio’s Country Journal 2/25/20

Cover Crop Field Day Is March 17 Near Indianola -- Iowa State University 2/25/20

Soybean Cyst Nematode: Managing the ‘Silent Yield Robber’ -- Manitoba Co-operator 2/25/20

Cover Crops Help Manage Weeds -- Wallaces Farmer 2/25/20

You'll Need Crop Insurance in 2020 -- Wallaces Farmer 2/25/20

Crop Disease and Insect Management Report Released -- Journal Standard 2/25/20

Farm Bureaus Gear up for Ag Safety Awareness Week -- Morning Ag Clips 2/24/20

Soil Fertility Workshop -- Iowa State University 2/24/20

What Do Last Year’s Low Aphid Numbers Mean for the 2020 Growing Season? -- Lonsdale News Review 2/24/20

North Central Iowa Research Association Plans Outlook Meeting -- Iowa State University 2/24/20

Boost Soybean Yields by Adapting Photosynthesis to Fleeting Shadows, According to Model -- Science Daily 2/24/20

Plant Cover Crops With New Conservation Program -- Morning Ag Clips 2/24/20

Will Fungicide Resistant Frogeye be an Issue for Ohio in 2020? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 2/24/20

Continuous Soybeans and Cover Crops -- Ohio’s Country Journal 2/24/20

It's a New Era in Weed Management -- Successful Farming 2/24/20

Southeast Iowa Ag Research Association Meeting -- Morning Ag Clips 2/23/20

Wallace Foundation Meeting February 26, 2020 -- Morning Ag Clips 2/23/20

Corteva™ to End Chlorpyrifos Production: What Does this Mean for Iowa Farmers? -- Iowa State University 2/21/20

Disease Management Important in Soybeans -- Lancaster Farming 2/21/20

The Future of Chlorpyrifos -- Progressive Farmer 2/20/20

Outlook Brightens for Corn, Soybeans in 2020 -- Wallaces Farmer 2/21/20

Soy Asphalt Now Has a Successful Track Record -- Iowa Soybean Association 2/20/20

Reducing Nitrogen Applications Could Save Farmers Millions -- Iowa Soybean Association 2/20/20

Expect Soybeans to Be Forgiving When Planting -- Kenosha News 2/19/20

Seed Treatment Decisions -- Wallaces Farmer 2/20/20

Managing Around Plant Disease Hotspots for 2020 -- No-Till Farmer 2/20/20

Plant Scientist Tells Renville Audience That 'Green' Water Management Will be Increasingly Important on the Farm -- West Central Tribune 2/20/20

Wet Weather Could Slow Planting, Increase Risk of Disease -- AgWeb 2/19/20

Southeast Iowa Agricultural Research Association Plans Annual Meeting -- Iowa State University 2/19/20

Northeast Research Farm Meeting March 11 -- Morning Ag Clips 2/19/20

Measuring Relative Corn and Soybean Yields -- Progressive Farmer 2/19/20

Grower Advocacy Groups Fund “Farmers for a Sustainable Future -- Successful Farmer 2/19/20

Will Iowa Farmers Face Planting Delays Again? -- Wallaces Farmer 2/19/20

Farmers for a Sustainable Future Launched -- Wallaces Farmer 2/19/20

Residual Control of Waterhemp with PRE-emergence Herbicides in Soybean – University of Wisconsin 2/18/20

Grower input to be sought at Mar. 2 soybean gall midge meeting – University of Nebraska 2/18/20

Researchers Work to Find New Uses for Soybeans. OH Really? -- WKSU 2/18/20

Iowa Soybean Farmers Build Brand During Trade Mission -- Ottumwa Courier 2/17/20

Iowa Nutrient Research Center Launches Online Water Quality Research Map -- Iowa State University 2/18/20

The Science of Soil -- Wallaces Farmer 2/18/20

Conservation Practices Keep Rented Land Productive -- Wallaces Farmer 2/18/20

IDALS Adds Field Staff to Support Water Quality Projects -- Wallaces Farmer 2/18/20

Extension and Outreach Adds New 'Crops Feed the World' Lessons -- Iowa State University 2/17/20

Double-crop Fields Can Hold Weeds at Bay -- Illinois Farmer Today 2/17/20

2019 Delays Set Stage for Weed Issues in 2020 -- Illinois Farmer Today 2/17/20

Soybean Gall Midge Roundtable Meeting Set for Mar. 2 -- High Plains Journal 2/17/20

North Central Iowa Research Association Meeting -- Morning Ag Updates 2/16/20

Effects of Soybean Planting Population on Soybean Yield -- The Frederick News Post 2/16/20

Control Weeds in Early-Planted Soybeans -- AgPro 2/14/20

Labs Still Learning About Gall Midge -- Iowa Farmer Today 2/14/20

Beans with Better Nutrition – Wallaces Farmer 2/14/20

The Search for SCN Resistance -- Progressive Farmer 2/13/20

Another Step in the Race to Outrun SCN -- Progressive Farmer 2/13/20

Register Now for Our Field Crop Scout School -- Iowa State University 2/13/20

Feb. 20 Webinar Probes Weather, Climate Issues Facing Growers -- Iowa State University 2/13/20

Soil Health Workshop Feb. 25 in Peosta -- Morning Ag Clips 2/13/20

Mississippi River Project Approved, More Corn and Soybean Export Capacity Expected-- Successful Farming 2/13/20

Ferrie: Planting Soybeans Early? Go With This Maturity Group First -- AgWeb 2/13/20

Higher Feed-value Soybeans Meet Livestock Producers’ Nutrition Goals -- AgriNews 2/13/20

Crop Insurance Decisions due March 16 -- AgriNews 2/13/20

Two Sponsors Join Checkoff Legislation -- Wallaces Farmer 2/13/20

Overwintering of Pathogens and Insects: What do Winter Temperatures Tell U About Next Season? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 2/12/20

Two Invasive Species Could Arrive in Missouri Soon -- KSN 2/12/20

Report by ISU Extension and Outreach Compares Costs of Crop Production -- Waukon Standard 2/12/20

Labs Still Learning About Gall Midge -- Jackson Progress-Argus 2/12/20

United Soybean Board Partners with Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to Boost Protein in Soybeans -- High Plains Journal 2/12/20

Frogeye Leaf Spot Resistance Abundant Throughout Iowa -- Kokomo Perspective 2/12/20

Seed Treatments Make a Difference -- Wallaces Farmer 2/12/20

Finding the Sweet Spot in the Calendar for Planting Soybeans -- Hoosier Today 2/11/20

Don’t Miss Critical Deadline for ARC-PLC Sign-up -- Wallaces Farmer 2/11/20

Crop Innovations Can Protect Yields and Improve Food Auality in a Changing Climate -- Chemical & Engineering News 2/10/20

ISA Launches Research Center For Farming Innovation -- KIWA 2/10/20

Algorithms Used to Update State Soil Survey -- Iowa State University 2/10/20

Soil Fertility Workshops in Sac City, Spencer -- Morning Ag Clips 2/10/20

ISU Crop Scout School to be Held in March -- Wallaces Farmer 2/10/20

Unlocking Climate-solving Potential in Farmland -- Wallaces Farmer 2/10/20

$56M Will Help Farmers Improve Water Quality -- Morning Ag Clips 2/10/20

Fundamentally Speaking: Lowest U.S. Soybean Yield Since 2013 -- Progressive Farmer 2/10/20

Soybean Varieties with Higher Livestock Feed Values Boost Bottom Line -- Agri News 2/9/20

ISA Launches Research Center for Farming Innovation to Boost Soybean Profitability -- Iowa Soybean Association 2/7/20

ISA Supports Governor’s 2020 Water Plans -- Iowa Farmer Today 2/7/20

See Best of Past Decade for PFI Cooperators' Program -- Wallaces Farmer 2/7/20

Corn And Soybean Production Costs Projected To Drop -- KIWA 2/7/20

Putting Some Land in CRP? -- Wallaces Farmer 2/7/20

Weeds and Their Management in 2020 -- Corn + Soybean Digest 2/6/20

Field Crop Scout School – March 7 in Ames -- Aberdeen News 2/6/20

Study Confirms US Soy Farmers’ Commitment to Conservation -- High Plains Journal 2/6/20

Soil Fertility Thoughts for 2020 -- Morning Ag Clips 2/6/20

Agronomy in the Field -- Morning Ag Clips 2/6/20

Research and Results Forum Highlights Helpful Tools and Profit Opportunities -- Iowa Soybean Association 2/6/20

Disease Outlook 2020: Some New, Some Old Threats to Corn and Soybeans -- AgPro 2/6/20

Pesticide Police, Overwhelmed By Dicamba Complaints, Ask EPA For Help -- KCRW 2/6/20

High Oleic Soybean Opportunity for Ohio in 2020 -- Ohio Country Journal 2/5/20

When Should You Plant Soybeans vs. Corn? -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 2/4/20

Good Fungi Could Grow With Soybean Plant to Control Ailments -- Kenosha News 2/4/20

2019 Crop Research Reflects Wet Year -- Kenosha News 2/4/20

Remember When Soybeans Were Easy? -- SeedWorld 2/4/20

Save Your Soybeans and Corn, Iowa’s ‘Goldilocks’ Period Won’t Last -- AIP 2/3/20

Field Crop Scout School to Be Held in March -- Morning Ag Clips 2/3/20

Try New Approach to Solving Conservation Issues -- Wallaces Farmer 2/3/20

ASA Celebrates Its ‘First Soy Century’ -- AgriNews 2/3/20

Burres Recognized by Iowa Soybean Association -- The Messenger 2/2/20

Report compares costs of crop production in Iowa -- Morning Ag Clips 2/2/20

Coleman Honored Posthumously with Iowa Soybean Association Award -- The Messenger 2/2/20

Illinois Crop Pathologists and Entomologists Publish 2019 Field Research Results -- AgriNews 2/2/20

Soy What? -- Boss Magazine 2/1/20

The Effects of Early-Season Compaction on Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 2/1/20

Agronomist Suggests Considering Early-Planted Soybeans – KIWA Radio 2/1/20



January 2020

Getting Soybeans Off to a Good Start This Spring -- Brownfield Ag News 1/31/20

2019 Soybean Foliar Fungicide Trials Show Decreasing Efficiency in QoI Class -- Iowa State University 1/31/20

Why Should You Know Your Soybean Disease Rating Numbers? -- Ohio Ag Net 1/31/20

Update on Gall Midge -- Wallaces Farmer 1/31/20

Report Compares Costs of Crop Production in Iowa -- Iowa State University 1/31/20

Crop Pathologists Release 2019 Research Results -- Farmer's Exchange 1/31/20

Iowa Governor Sets Vision for State’s Ag Sector -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/31/20

Fayette Co. Company Creates Healing Skin From Soybeans  -- KDKA 1/30/20

Several Factors Influence Soybean Seeding Rate -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 1/29/20

Learn More About Managing Soil Fertility -- Wallaces Farmer 1/30/20

Farm Journal Test Plots: One-Two Punch for SCN and SDS -- Ag Web 1/29/20

Iowa Spring Outlook Points to Colder, Wetter Weather -- Iowa Farmer Today 1/29/20

ASA Celebrates Its 'First Soy Century' in 2020 -- Farmers Advance 1/29/20

Iowa Soybean Association Honors Soybean Leaders at Annual Banquet -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/29/20

Farm Technology: Going Digital to Boost Economics and Environment -- Illinois Soybean Association 1/29/20

Expected Crop Production Costs for 2020 -- Wallaces Farmer 1/29/20

Switch it up for Better Weed Control -- Wallaces Farmer 1/29/20

Entomologist Lists Top Invasive Insects to Watch in Missouri Crops -- Farm Talk 1/28/20

Emerging Diseases in Missouri Corn, Soybeans -- Farm Talk 1/28/20

Maximize Your Fertilizer Dollars -- Morning Ag Clips 1/28/20

Pesticide Applicator Workshop Feb. 12 -- Morning Ag Clips 1/28/20

Ag Collaboration to Tackle Soybean Quality -- World Grain 1/28/20

Beattie Named Interim Chair of Plant Pathology and Microbiology at Iowa State University -- Iowa State University 1/28/19

Maximize Yields by Adjusting Soil pH -- Wallaces Farmer 1/28/19

Improving Decision Management -- Iowa State University 1/27/20

10 Reasons to Consider Cover Crops in 2020 -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/27/20

Instances of Frogeye Leaf Spot Resistance to QoIs Abundant in Iowa -- Iowa State University 1/27/19

Returning to Boone, Iowa for 7th Time -- Wallaces Farmer 1/27/20

Prepare for Tax Code Changes -- Wallaces Farmer 1/27/20

Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, Plant Disease Course -- Morning Ag Clips 1/26/20

Seed Treatment Course Scheduled for Feb. 19 -- Morning Ag Clips 1/26/20

Commercial Manure Applicator Training Re-show -- Morning Ag Clips 1/26/20

Pest Tests Show High Pressure, but Overall Yields Were Strong -- Ravalli Republic 1/26/20

It Might be Time to Check Your Corn-Soybean Planting Strategy -- Hoosier Ag Today 1/26/20

Potassium Deficiency in Soybeans -- Real Agriculture 1/26/20

Seed Lab Expects Good Quality for Spring – Iowa Farmer Today 1/25/20

A Look Back: 2019 Insect + Disease Recap -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/24/20

Use Data to Improve Efficiency -- Wallaces Farmer 1/24/20

Podcast Connects Educators, Farmers -- Wallaces Farmer 1/24/20

Should You Add SCO Crop Insurance? -- Wallaces Farmer 1/24/20

Iowa Learning Farms February Webinar -- Morning Ag Clips 1/23/20

Iowa Study Questions Carbon Storage -- Wallaces Farmer 1/23/20

ARC, PLC Decision Deadline Looms -- Wallaces Farmer 1/23/20

Winter and Early Spring Weather Outlook for 2020 -- Iowa State University 1/21/20

Dicamba Training Now Available for Iowa Pesticide Applicators -- Iowa State University 1/21/20

How to Beat SCN Resistance -- Wallaces Farmer 1/22/20

Early Fall Cover Feeds Soil -- Wallaces Farmer 1/22/20

Online Soil Health Course Offered -- Wallaces Farmer 1/22/20

Building a Better Bug Trap -- Wallaces Farmer 1/22/20

Soil Fertility Workshops in Castana and Le Mars -- Morning Ag Clips 1/21/20

Crop Rotation Helps Combat Plant Pests -- Morning Ag Clips 1/20/20

Protein First Initiative -- Successful Farming 1/21/20

Get Maximum Return for Your Fertilizer Dollars -- Wallaces Farmer 1/21/20

Yes, You Can Make Soil! -- Wallaces Farmer 1/21/20

SCN’s Footprint Continues to Expand -- SCN Coalition 1/20/20

Online Soil Health Course Offered -- Morning Ag Clips 1/19/20

Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, Plant Disease Course -- Morning Ag Clips 1/19/20

Soil Fertility Workshops to Be Offered -- Iowa State University 1/17/20

New USB-FFAR Partnership Boosts Protein in Soybeans -- FFAR 1/16/20

Diverse Cropping Systems Don't Increase Carbon Storage Compared to Corn-Soybean Rotations -- 1/17/20

The Right Soybean Cyst Nematode-Resistant Variety Can Make a $200-Per-Acre Difference -- Successful Farming 1/16/20

Study Finds a Way to Increase Protein Yield in Legumes -- Iowa State Daily 1/16/20

Maximum Return for Fertilizer Dollars -- Morning Ag Clips 1/16/20

Metabolic-Based Weed Resistance: What You Should Know -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/14/20

Prairie strips new CRP option -- Wallaces Farmer 1/16/20

Extension Workshops to Focus on Maximum Return for Fertilizer Dollars -- Iowa State University 1/15/20

Dramatic Income Gap Seen Between SCN-Infested Soybeans with PI 88788 and Peking Resistance -- No-Till Farmer 1/15/20

Important EPA Decisions Coming -- Wallaces Farmer 1/15/20

Peking Resistance Pays in Yield Trials -- Wallaces Farmer 1/15/20

Fertilizer Considerations for 2020 -- Wallaces Farmer 1/15/20

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Summary of 2019 Insecticide Evaluations for Soybean Pests -- Iowa State University 1/13/20

Iowa State Survey Shows Farm Owners Make Small Increases in Conservation -- Iowa State University 1/13/20

Ag Professionals Sought for Study on Use of Big Data -- Morning Ag Clips 1/13/20

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Size Up Weeds, Plan Accordingly -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/13/20

Protecting and Improving Soil with No-Till and Cover Crops -- Successful Farming 1/13/20

Lessons From a New Generation -- Progressive Farmer 1/13/20

Choosing a Corn Hybrid or Soybean Variety -- Wallaces Farmer 1/13/20

Rotation Reduces Crop Stress -- Wallaces Farmer 1/13/20

Iowa Power Farming Show set for Jan. 28-30 -- Wallaces Farmer 1/13/20

Soybean Farmers Committed to Conservation -- Wallaces Farmer 1/13/20

Those with Unharvested Corn, Soybeans Re-surveyed -- Morning Ag Clips 1/12/20

Illinois Corn, Soybean Production Drops -- Peoria Journal Star 1/12/20

Iowa Maintains No. 2 Spot in Soybean Production -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/10/20

Genes Promoting Helpful Fungus Found in Soybeans -- The Farmer’s Exchange 1/10/20

USDA 2019 Corn, Soybean Totals Show Weather Effects -- Brownfield Ag News 1/10/20

USDA Raises U.S. 2019 Corn, Soybean Production -- Successful Farming 1/10/20

INRC Launches Spring Seminar Series on "Water Research Past, Present and Future" -- Iowa State University 1/10/20

ISU Researchers Pave the Way to Make Prairie Strips Eligible Option for Federal Conservation Program -- Iowa State University 1/9/20

Income in SCN-infested Fields Can Be $200 Per Acre Less With PI 88788 Than With Peking Resistance -- Iowa State University 1/9/20

Peking Resistance Shines in SCN Yield Tests -- Iowa Farmer Today 1/9/20

ISA Research Team: "Driven to Deliver" -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/9/20

Soybean Farmers Committed to Conservation -- Daily News 1/9/20

Tech Takeaways From National No-Tillage Conference -- Successful Farming 1/9/20

Overview of the Iowa Nutrient Research Center -- Morning Ag Clips 1/9/20

How Would You Control These Weed Situations? -- Corn + Soybean Digest

Wondering About the Future of Pest Management in Ag? Look to Its Students. -- Progressive Farmer 1/9/20

Farmers Focus on Soil Health Results in Higher Yields -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/9/20

ISA Launches Second Season of 'The State of Soy' -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/9/20

Genes Controlling Mycorrhizal Colonization Discovered in Soybean -- 1/6/20

Harmon Named Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension -- Iowa State University 1/6/20

Got Cover Crops? Sign Up Now for Crop Insurance Discount -- Wallaces Farmer 1/6/20

Considerations for Growing Alternative Crops -- Morning Ag Clips 1/5/20

New Documentary "Journey Of A Bean" Follows Soybeans From Midwest Farm To South Korea -- Iowa Public Radio 1/3/20

Is Your Grain in the Bin Going Out of Condition? -- Iowa State University 1/3/20

Now Available: Crop Scout Essentials Pest Management Field Guides Bundle -- Iowa State University 1/3/20

High Tech Bringing Better Seed -- Wallaces Farmer 1/3/20

Corn, Soybean Insect Updates Track New Concerns -- Wisconsin State Farmer 1/2/20

Study to Track Soybean Stem Borer in Missouri -- Missouri Ruralist 1/2/20

Drill vs. Split-row Planter Discussion Resurfaces After 2019 -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 1/2/20

Crop Protection Network Adds New Publication Series -- Wallaces Farmer 1/2/20

Plan Now for 2020 Weed Control -- Wallaces Farmer 1/2/20



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