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January 2021

SCN Continues to Spread as Economic Losses Mount -- Successful Farming 1/25/21

Soybean Cyst Nematode Continues Move -- Progressive Farmer 1/25/21

Soybean School: How Soil Test P and K Levels Impact Yield -- Real Agriculture 1/25/21

Less Talk, but Japanese Beetles Still Present -- Iowa Farmer Today 1/25/21

Soybean Cyst Nematode Keeps Spreading, Economic Losses Increasing -- CropLife 1/25/21

How to Build Drought-resistant Soil -- Wallaces Farmer 1/25/21

CropsTV Weekly Outlook (Jan. 25, 2021) -- Iowa State University 1/24/21

Growers Help Manage Seed Research -- Ohio’s Country Journal 1/22/21

Top Soybean Diseases to Watch for in 2021 -- Wallaces Farmer 1/22/21

January 2021 Midwest Insect and Disease Recaps -- Corn+Soybean Digest 1/21/21

Customized Cover Crop Training Will Be Created -- Corn+Soybean Digest 1/21/21

New Dicamba Use Directions and Training Requirements -- Iowa State University 1/21/21

Cover Crop Business Infrastructure Growth Project Grows in Second Year -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/21/21

No Easy Answers on Soybean Gall Midge -- Wallaces Farmer 1/21/21

University Agronomists Join BASF’s Operation Weed Eradication -- Successful Farming 1/21/21

3 Farmers Share Why They Switched Tillage Practices -- Wallaces Farmer 1/21/21

How (and why) Four Farmers are Dedicated to the Cover Crops Cause -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/20/21

Technology Reaches Farmers via Virtual Meetings, YouTube and More -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/20/21

Sustainably Grown U.S. Soy Mark Highlights Sustainable Soy Production -- Wallaces Farmer 1/20/21

Registration for Commodity Classic Opens Jan. 26 -- Wallaces Farmer 1/20/21

Tips on How to Build Stronger Connections Through Ag Advocacy -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/20/21

Pilot Phase of Sustainably Grown U.S. Soy Mark Launches -- Morning Ag Clips 1/20/21

Agriculture is Ready for Climate Mitigation, Says Vilsack -- Successful Farming 1/20/21

Virtual Option for Private Pesticide Applicator Courses -- Iowa State University 1/19/21

Free, Online Tools for Soybean Farmers -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/19/21

Over-application of Potash with Chloride Can Hurt Soybean Yields -- Aberdeen News 1/18/21

Using Cover Crops to Control Weeds -- Successful Farming 1/19/21

Why You Should Worry About Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs -- Wallaces Farmer 1/19/21

Covered Cropland vs. Cover Crops -- Ohio’s Country Journal 1/19/21

CropsTV Weekly Outlook (Jan. 18, 2021) -- Iowa State University 1/18/21

The Dirt on Soil Health -- Ohio’s Country Journal 1/18/21

Mizzou's Weeds Team Evaluates the Weed Zapper and Seed Terminator -- Successful Farming 1/18/21

Male Weeds May Hold Key to Own Demise -- Morning Ag Clips 1/17/21

Spring Seminar Series Highlights Findings From Watersheds Around Country -- Morning Ag Clips 1/17/21

Identify and Manage the Number One Soybean Yield Limiting Factor First -- RealAgriculture 1/15/21

Drones Hold Promise for Crop Application Efforts -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/14/21

Iowa State Researchers Find Overexpression of a Soybean Gene Might Lead to Resistance Against Major Pathogens -- Iowa State University 1/14/21

Improving Fertilizer Efficiency with the Planter Pass -- Ohio’s Country Journal 1/15/21

Illinois Top Soybean State in 2020 -- CIProud 1/14/21

Drones Hold Promise for Crop Application Efforts -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/14/21

Waterhemp Control in Soybeans Begins in Corn -- Corn+Digest 1/14/21

When Seed Treatment for Sudden Death Syndrome May Pay -- Corn+Digest 1/13/21

All Eyes Are on Mother Nature -- Brownfield Ag News 1/13/21

Iowa Aquaculture Makes a Splash -- Fresh Pickings 1/13/21

Understanding Soil Health Terms -- Ohio’s Country Journal 1/14/21

Extension Alerted to Emerging Crop Pests -- News Channel Nebraska 1/13/21

Virtual Farm Bill Meeting Series Planned for 2021 -- Iowa State University 1/13/21

CropsTV Continues with Live and On-Demand Virtual Content -- Iowa State University 1/13/21

ASA & Other Ag Groups Talked, & They Listened! -- Morning Ag Clips 1/13/21

Corn and Soybean Production Up in 2020 -- Morning Ag Clips 1/13/21

Soybean Researchers Exploring Multiple Disease Defenses -- TB&P 1/12/21

U.S. Soy Turf to Cover More Ground Than Ever in 2021 With Colts Partnership -- 953.mnc 1/12/21

Corn Beats Soybeans in Fungal Defense -- KMALand 1/12/21

Growers Weigh Options for 2021 Soybean Weed Control -- Wallaces Farmer 1/12/21

UofL Researchers Piloting Process to Make Healthy Sugar and 3-D Printable Materials From Soy Hulls -- The Lane Report 1/12/21

Drones, AI Detect Soybean Maturity With High Accuracy -- Ravalli Republic 1/11/21

New Crop Scouting Book Available From Crop Protection Network -- Aberdeen News 1/12/21

The Agronomists, Ep 10: Early Season Soybean Management -- Real Agriculture 1/12/21

Soybean School: To Till or Not to Till -- Real Agriculture 1/11/21

RealAg Radio, Jan 11: Seeding Soybeans Early, Longer Days, and a Yield Contest -- Real Agriculture 1/11/21

ISU SCN-resistant Soybean Variety Trial Program Results for 2020 -- Iowa State University 1/11/21

CropsTV Weekly Outlook (Jan.11, 2021) -- Iowa State University 1/11/21

SDSU Extension Soybean Week Focuses on Pest Management, Soil Health, 2021 Outlook -- 1/11/21

Summary of 2020 Insecticide Evaluations for Soybean Pests -- Iowa State University 1/10/21

Invisible Pest Causes More Than $1 billion in Crop Losses -- KPVI 1/9/21

Drought Kicks Off New Year of Wild Weather -- Iowa Farmer Today 1/9/21

Maximizing Factors That Influence Crop Yield -- The Crescent News 1/9/21

SCN Populations High in Dry Year -- Iowa Farmer Today 1/8/21

It Starts with the Soybean Seed -- Successful Farming 1/8/21

Private Pesticide Applicator Course Offered Virtually -- Iowa State University 1/8/21

Soybean Gall Midge Brown Bag Series -- Iowa State University 1/7/21

New Crop Scouting Web Book Available From the Crop Protection Network By Integrated Pest Management -- Iowa State University 1/7/21

December Soybean Planting Tests Seed Hardiness -- Progressive Farmer 1/7/21

Iowa Learning Farms will Hold Webinar Jan. 13 -- Morning Ag Clips 1/7/21

Economic Simulator Allows Soybean Farmers to Analyze Quality -- Iowa Soybean Association 1/7/21

Sulfur Surprise in Soybeans -- Successful Farming 1/7/21

6 Steps to Halt Herbicide-resistant Weeds -- Successful Farming 1/7/21

Is Drought in the 2021 Forecast? -- Morning Ag Clips 1/6/21

Groundbreaking Water Quality Outcomes Incentives -- Morning Ag Clips 1/6/21

Aid Available for Producers Affected by 2018, 2019 Disasters -- Morning Ag Clips 1/6/21

Cattle Grazing and Soybean Yields -- Morning Ag Clips 1/6/21

USDA Provides $70M for Protection Against Plant Pests, Diseases -- Morning Ag Clips 1/6/21

Invisible Pest Causes More Than $1B in Crop Losses by Hijacking Plants -- Times-Georgian 1/4/21

Apply for Cover Crop Crop Insurance Discounts by January 15 -- IDALS 1/6/20

Herbicide Programs for Waterhemp Control in Soybean -- Iowa State University 1/5/20

Iowa Learning Farms Virtual Field Day Jan. 14 -- Morning Ag Clips 1/5/21

Why do Pathogens Harm Some Plants but Not Others? -- Morning Ag Clips 1/5/21

New Book Helps Kids Connect with Soybean Farms -- SE Ag net 1/5/21

Midwest Weed Recaps -- Growing Season 2020 -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/5/21

Boosting Soybean Defense Response to Nematodes -- Corn + Soybean Digest 1/4/21

Bringing Soybeans into a More Favourable Light -- Country Guide 1/4/21

Farm Business Management Courses Offered for Women in Ag -- Wallaces Farmer 1/4/21

CropsTV Weekly Outlook for Jan. 4, 2021 -- Iowa State University 1/3/21

Women Planning Ag Businesses Program -- Morning Ag Clips 1/3/21

Cover Crops Change Flooded Land for Better -- Wallaces Farmer 1/1/21







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