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March 2019

The Life of Iowa Corn and Soybeans -- Times/Republican 03/16/19

Anhydrous Ammonia Application - Spring 2019 -- Iowa State University 03/15/19

Understanding Anhydrous Ammonia Application in Soil -- Iowa State University 03/15/19

Spring Planting and Wet Soil Management -- Iowa State University 03/14/19

Conducting On-Farm Trials -- Iowa State University 03/14/19

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring? -- Iowa State University 03/13/19

Cover Crop Planning -- Ohio's Country Journal 03/11/19

Metabolism-based Resistance - Why the Concern? -- Iowa State University 03/09/19

One Solution to Climate Change No One Is Talking About -- Truthdig 03/08/19

Join the Soul Health Revolution -- Successful Farming 03/08/19

What Cover Crops Should You Plant? -- Successful Farming 03/08/19

Big Data Tops Missouri Soybean Center Symposium -- Bolivar Herald 03/06/19

Extension: Strip Trial Data Shows Effect of Soybean Seed Treatment -- Bolivar Herald 03/06/19

Summaries for 2018 On-farm Strip Trials Now Available -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/05/19

Tile Water Monitoring 2018, Part 1: Results By Landform -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/05/19

Soybean Traits Can Help With Herbicide Selection -- Iowa Soybean Association 03/05/19

Palmer Amaranth Resistance to 2,4-D and Dicamba Confirmed in Kansas -- Iowa State University 03/04/19

This Pest Costs Soybean Farmers $1 Billion Annually -- Succcessful Farming 03/01/19

Scientists Overcome Repetitive DNA To Sequence the Genome of Devastating Soybean Pest -- Iowa State University 03/01/19

February 2019

Didn't Get Fall Tillage Completed, Save Money This Spring -- Iowa State University 02/28/19

Diversify Weed Management -- Successful Farming 02/27/19

ISU Welcomes New Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences -- Ames Tribune 02/27/19

Big Data Tops Missouri Soybean Center Symposium -- High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal 02/27/19

Fungicide-resistant Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungus Confirmed In South Dakota Soybean -- Farm Forum 02/25/19

Black Cutworm and Armyworm Trapping Network Call for Cooperators 2019 -- Wallaces Farmer 02/22/19

Youth Crop Scouting Competition Sharpens Skills -- Wallaces Farmer 02/21/19

When It Comes To Nitrogen Application, More Is Not Always Better! -- Wallaces Farmer 02/20/19

Soybeans: How To Make Up For Poor Quality Seed? -- Agfax 02/20/19

Study: Climate Change Could Make Iowa Temperatures Feel Like Oklahoma Cities By 2080 -- Iowa Public Radio 02/19/19

Managing Pest Resistance In 2019 -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/19/19

Average Soybean Pod Weight vs. Number of Pods -- Progressive Farmer 02/19/19

Keeping Soil, Yields and Income Healthy -- The Messenger 02/15/19

Four-inch Rain In 60 Minutes Made Corning, Iowa, Farmer Believer In Cover Crops -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/14/19

New Resources For Tar Spot and Soybean Seed Quality Now Available! -- Iowa State University 02/11/19

Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides On Soybeans In 2018 -- Iowa State University 02/11/19

Growing and Selling Cover Crop Seed -- Iowa State University 02/07/19

Farmer Research Tour Kicks Off In Storm Lake -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/07/19

Survey: Increasing Use and Interest In Nutrient Reduction Practices -- usagnet 02/06/19

Nitrogen Use Efficiency At The Ground Level -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/04/19

Finding Alternatives To Plant Cover Crops -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/04/19

New Monarch Numbers Encouraging: Conservation Efforts in Iowa Contribute To Long-term Recovery -- Iowa State University 02/01/19

Achieving Full-season Waterhemp Control in Soybean -- Iowa State University 02/01/19

January 2019

Disposing of Unwanted Pesticides and Chemicals -- Iowa State University 01/31/19

"Why Can’t You Academics Get Your Stories Straight?", or "What Is the Optimum Soybean Seeding Rate?" -- Iowa State University 01/31/19

Prairie Strips Transform Farmland Conservation -- EurekAlert! 01/30/19

Avoid Soybean Agronomic and Financial Pitfalls -- AgPro 01/30/19

Austrialia Might Have the Answer To Herbicide-resistant "Superweeds" -- Civil Eats 01/28/19

Insecticide Evaluation for Soybean Aphid -- Iowa State University 01/28/19

2019 Soybean Seed Supplies Tight, Lower Quality -- Greenbook 01/26/19

Are Your Employees Up To Date On WPS Training? -- Iowa State University 01/25/19

Consumer Connection: Banishing Misinformation Through Shared Values -- Iowa Soybean Association 01/24/19

2019 Soybean Acreage Decline Likely From Fringe States --- AgPro 01/23/19

The Iowa Soybean Association Takes Research Conference Out Into the State -- Iowa State University 01/23/19

Targeting A Soybean Menace, Soybean Gall Midge Having Big Impact On Area Fields -- Yankton Daily 01/21/19

Weed Science Program 2018 Weed Control Results -- Iowa State University January 2019

Researchers ID New Resistance Genes for Soybean Cyst Nematode -- AgWeb 01/21/19

Extension Agronomist Urges Monitoring Soybean Storage -- Nodaway 01/21/19

Fundamentally Speaking -- Progressive Farmer 01/16/19

Select the Right Corn and Soybean For your Extended Rotation and Save! -- Practical Farmers 01/15/19

Farmers Talk Tight Margins, Planting Intentions At Dakota Farm Show -- AgWeek 01/14/19

Farmland Expansion Increases Carbon Footprint Across Northern Corn Belt -- Cedar Valley Business Monthly 01/13/19

SCN Tests Show Early Reproduction In 2018 -- Iowa Farmer Today 01/13/19

2019 Farmer Research Tour To Feature Regional Speakers -- Iowa Soybean Association 01/08/19

Soybean Weed Management Systems Update

Management Publications To Have Before Planting -- Iowa State University 01/07/19

2018 SCN-resistant Variety Trial Results Show Yield Effects and SCN Buildup -- Iowa State University 01/03/19


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