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November 2019

SCN Management for 2020 Should Begin Now -- Wallaces Farmer 11/13/19

Iowa State researchers develop soybean oil-infused asphalt -- Iowa State Daily 11/12/19

SCN-resistant Soybean Varieties for 2020 -- Iowa State University 11/12/19

Crop Protection Network Launches New Disease Loss Estimate Tool -- Iowa State University 11/12/19

Last Chance To Pull SCN Samples Before Spring -- AgPro 11/12/19

Wet Weather Mixed Bag for SCN Control -- WNAX 11/12/19

Cover Crop Workshop in Grundy Center Dec. 3 -- Morning Ag Clips 11/12/19

Drainage Water Quality Practices Workshop -- Morning Ag Clips 11/12/19

Crop Protection Network Launches New Disease Loss Estimate Tool -- Iowa State University 11/12/19

Winter Weather Outlook for 2019-20 -- Wallaces Farmer 11/12/19

Recommendations for a Late Soybean Harvest -- No-Till Farmer 11/12/19

SCN Does the Backstroke -- Ohio’s Country Journal 11/11/19

Yield Quest: How to Stop Soybean Cyst Nematode -- Successful Farming 11/11/19

ISU Research Paving Way for Soy-based Asphalt -- Ames Tribune 11/11/19

More Green From Beans – 4 -- Progressive Farmer 11/11/19

Update Includes Look at New Soybean Pest -- The Country Today 11/11/19

What’s Causing Higher Soybean Yields -- AgPro 11/11/19

Certified Crop Adviser Test Prep Available Online -- Morning Ag Clips 11/10/19

Pest Control Operators CIC Dec. 4 -- Morning Ag Clips 11/10/19

Commodity Classic Registration Opens Nov. 13 -- Morning Ag Clips 11/10/19

Soybean Cyst Nematode Isn’t Getting Better -- Country Guide 11/8/19

Study Shows How Cover Crops and Perennials do not Necessarily Increase Carbon Storage in Soil -- Iowa State University 11/8/19

Soybeans and Neonicotinoids: Update From Regional Research -- Hoosier Ag Today 11/8/19

What Ate Your Bushels This Year? -- Wallaces Farmer 11/8/19

SCN Does the Backstroke -- Progressive Farmer 11/7/19

More Green From Beans – 3 -- Progressive Farmer 11/7/19

"Perfect Storm" Fuels Farmer Frustrations -- Iowa Soybean Association 11/7/19

Farm Transfer Workshops Planned Across Iowa -- Morning Ag Clips 11/7/19

What Causes Missing Seed in Soybean Pods? -- No-Till Farmer 11/6/19

More Green From Beans – 2 -- Progressive Farmer 11/6/19

More Green From Beans – 1 -- Progressive Farmer 11/5/19

SCN Keeps Spreading – There’s Still Time to Test Fields This Fall -- SCN Coalition 11/5/19

Field Days Reflective of Difficult Growing Season -- Morning Ag Clips 11/5/19

Commercial Pesticide Applicators Workshop -- Morning Ag Clips 11/5/19

Don’t Be Tempted to Graze Unharvested Soybeans -- News Dakota 11/4/19

Developing New Soybean Lines Against Destructive Red Leaf Blotch Disease -- Wisconsin State Farmer 11/4/19

Connecting Researchers to Farmers -- Wallaces Farmer 11/6/19

Soybean Cyst Nematode Spreads in 2019 -- Successful Farming 11/5/19

Managing SCN for 2020 Should Begin Now -- Iowa State University 11/5/19

Cover Crop Seeding Date Extended to Dec. 1 Statewide -- Wallaces Farmer 11/5/19

Agronomy in the Field for Women in Ag -- Morning Ag Clips 11/4/19

Cover Crop Field Day Nov. 20 Near Rose Hill -- Morning Ag Clips 11/4/19

Advantages to Fall Weed Control -- High Plains Journal 11/4/19

Health Benefits of Soybean: Here's How this Food can Help You With Diabetes, Sleep Disorders & More -- Pinkvilla 11/4/19

Now is the Time... -- Lancaster Farming 11/2/19

Soybean Green Stem -- North Carolina State University 11/1/19

Managing Crop Harvest After a Snow -- Wallaces Farmer 11/4/19

Cover Crop and Soil Health Day Near Janesville -- Morning Ag Clips 11/3/19

Ag Research Responds to Current Issues, Future Needs -- Illinois Farmer Today 11/2/19

Yields defying logic? -- Dewitt Observer 11/1/19

Seed Size a Major Factor in Soybean Yield -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 11/1/19

Farmers Expect a Busy Spring as Fall Fieldwork Moves at a Crawl -- AgPro 11/1/19

Soil Testing Lays Foundation for Nutrient Stewardship -- Wallaces Farmer 11/1/19


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October 2019

What to do With Frosted Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 10/31/19

How to Combine in Snow -- AgWeb 10/31/19

Snow Adds to Trickiness of this Year’s Harvest -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/31/19

What to do with Frosted Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 10/31/19

Soybean Drying, Storage Could be Challenging -- Kenosha News 10/31/19

Soil Health is Plant Health: Restoring Post-flood Fields -- Wallaces Farmer 10/31/19

Cool Your Stored Grain Now -- Wallaces Farmer 10/31/19

Managing Crop Harvest After a Snow -- No-Till Farmer 10/30/19

Dealing With Harvest After Snow -- Successful Farming 10/30/19

Hot Mess Pests -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/30/19

Getting to the Bottom of Field Tolerance -- AgriNews 10/30/19

Online Crop Marketing Course Launches Nov. 10 -- Wallaces Farmer 10/30/19

Farm Bill Meetings Planned Across Iowa -- Morning Ag Clips 10/30/19

Free ‘Recipes’ Tell Farmers How to Start Growing Cover Crops -- Successful Farming 10/30/19

New Grant Will Help Scientists Study How Cover Crops Affect Plant Disease -- Iowa State University 10/29/19

Grain Quality Questions Linger -- AgPro 10/29/19

Cool Stored Grain Now -- Iowa State University 10/29/19

New Grant Will Help Scientists Study How Cover Crops Affect Plant Disease -- EurekAlert! 10/29/19

Ag Chemical Dealer Meetings to Provide Updates -- Morning Ag Clips 10/29/19

Grant Will Support Farm Stress Assistance Project -- Morning Ag Clips 10/29/19

Are Soybean Diseases Getting Worse? -- CountryGuide 10/28/19

Extra Moisture is Adding to the Cost of the Harvest – Radio Iowa 10/28/19

Time to Lime? -- Wallaces Farmer 10/29/19

When Should You Negotiate 2020 Cash Rent? -- Wallaces Farmer 10/29/19

Seldom-seen Symptoms Appear in Indiana Soybeans -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 10/28/19

Soybean Oil is One of the Healthiest...Here's Why Your Body Needs This Oil 10/28/19

Herbicide Traits in Soybeans -- Sentinel Tribune 10/26/19

Start Sampling for Silent Threats to Soybeans -- Wilmington News Journal 10/25/19

Cold Temperature Affects Late Planted Soybeans, Says MU Extension Specialist --High Plains Journal 10/25/19

Seeding Cover Crops Earlier -- Wallaces Farmer 10/28/19

Focus on Maintaining Grain Quality -- Wallaces Farmer 10/28/19

Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, Plant Disease Course -- Morning Ag Clips 10/27/19

Iowa Soybean Research Center Awards Funding -- Morning Ag Clips 10/27/19

Iowa State’s New Ag Dean Pursues Land Grant Mission -- Iowa Farmer Today 10/26/19

Farm Bill Meetings Start in November Across Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 10/25/19

Iowa Soybean Research Center Awards Funding for Soybean Research at Iowa State University -- Iowa State University 10/24/19

ICM Conference Dec. 4-5 at ISU -- Wallaces Farmer 10/24/19

Use Caution as Late Harvest Raises Safety Concerns for Rural Roads -- Iowa Farmer Today 10/23/19

Be Ready for SDS and SCN -- Wallaces Farmer 10/23/19

Enrollment Open for ARC, PLC -- Wallaces Farmer 10/23/19

Soybeans ‘A Good Place to Start’ With Cover Crops -- Delta Farm Press 10/23/19

What's Bugging You: Seeking Input for Insect Pest Survey -- Iowa State University 10/22/19

Soybean Decisions -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/22/19

Scout to Justify That Cost -- Southeast Farm Press 10/22/19

Australian Researcher Presents Weed Seed Control Advances -- Iowa State Daily 10/22/19

Soybean School: Manage Soybean Cyst Nematode to Reduce Risk of Sudden Death Syndrome -- RealAgriculture 10/22/19

2019 Floyd Andre Awardee - Steve Berger -- Iowa State University 10/21/19

Healthy Soils, Healthy Harvest: Cover Crops Make All the Difference -- York News Times 10/21/19

Diverse Rotations Slash Erosion -- Successful Farming 10/21/19

Wide Range in Crop Quality this Fall -- Wallaces Farmer 10/21/19

Integrated Crop Management Conference -- Morning Ag Clips 10/20/19

Possible Spread of Soybean Cyst Nematode from 2019 Weather -- Hoosier Ag Today 10/20/19

Waterhemp Seed Retention for Harvest Weed Seed Control -- Iowa State University 10/19/19

How One Agronomist’s New Software Company is Raising the Bar for Agricultural Drone Imagery -- Corteva Agriscience 10/18/19

Soybean Cyst Nematode Sampling -- Sentinel-Tribune 10/18/19

Iowa’s Farmers are Ready for a National Discussion on Transforming US Agriculture -- GreenBiz 10/18/19

What Checkoff-Funded Research Means for Your Bottom Line -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/18/19

How to Diagnose Stem Canker in Soybeans -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 10/18/19

Frost Damage to Soybeans -- Iowa State University 10/17/19

Frost-Damaged Soybean Need Special Attention – Boone Country Connection 10/17/19

HY+Q Initiative Aims to Boost Protein Values -- Successful Farming 10/17/19

Frost Damage to Soybeans -- Iowa State University 10/17/19

Do you know your number? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/16/19

Nashua Cover Crop and Wetland Field Day Is Nov. 7 -- Iowa State University 10/16/19

ISU Extension Plant Pathologist Mueller to Host NC3 Webinar -- Iowa State University 10/15/19

Weather Continues to Challenge Area Producers -- Farm Talk 10/15/19

Use This Recipe for Soil Sampling Success -- Wallaces Farmer 10/15/19

Variable Yields Complicate Fertilizer Plans -- Iowa Farmer Today 10/14/19

Farmers Have Options for Fall Burnout of Weeds --  Kenosha News 10/14/19

Field Day on Conservation, Prairie STRIPS Project -- Morning Ag Clips 10/14/19

Harvest Considerations for Frost-killed Crops -- Wallaces Farmer 10/14/19

3 Signs That Counseling May Help -- Farm Progress 10/14/19

The Benefits of Updating Ag Drainage Infrastructure -- Morning Ag Clips 10/13/19

Taking Note of the Ending Reproductive Stages of Your Soybean Crop -- KTIC 10/13/19

Can Sustainable Farming Save Iowa’s Precious Soil and Water? -- PBS 10/12/19

Better Watch Out for Insidious Pests -- Herald Chronicle 10/12/19

Soybean Drying and Storage -- Iowa State University 10/11/19

Soybean Drying, Storage Could be Challenging -- Farm Forum 10/11/19

Harvest Freeze Challenges -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/11/19

ISU Researchers Studying Effects of New Tile Systems on State Waterways and Crops -- We Are Iowa 10/10/19

New Pest and Disease Affecting Crops in Central Iowa -- Raccoon Valley Radio 10/10/19

Soybean Group Urges Growers to Explore Quality Traits -- Illinois Farmer Today 10/10/19

Researchers Crack Complete Genome of Soybean Rust Pathogen -- ISAAA 10/10/19

Crop Quality in 2019: Another Unusual Year -- Iowa State University 10/10/19

Harvest Gets Underway, Soybean Yields Look Better Than First Thought -- KTIV 10/10/19

Harvest Freeze Challenges -- Progressive Farmer 10/10/19

Corn-soy Rotation Raises Questions -- Wallaces Farmer 10/10/19

Snow, Freezing Temperatures Threaten Northern U.S. Corn, Soybeans -- Successful Farmer 10/9/19

What to do with Replant Crops at Harvest? – Iowa State University 10/9/19

Fall Burndown May Be Answer to Winter Annual Weeds -- Wallaces Farmer 10/9/19

FMC partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center -- Morning Ag Clips 10/8/19

Regional Crop and Harvest Update -- Iowa State University 10/8/19

The Benefits of Updating Agricultural Drainage Infrastructure -- EurekAlert! 10/7/19

Iowa Scientists Study How Prairie Strips Affect Soil Health -- Iowa Farmer Today 10/7/19

Warm, Dry Days Needed to Help Crops Mature -- Radio Iowa 10/8/19

Start of Harvest Still Soggy for Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 10/8/19

Limit Soil Compaction During Harvest -- Wallaces Farmer 10/8/19

Plant Cover Crops, Get Crop Insurance Discount -- Wallaces Farmer 10/8/19

Why White Mold Was so Bold in 2019 -- Successful Farming 10/7/19

10 Takeaways From Summer Field Days -- Successful Farming 10/7/19

Are Fall Herbicide Treatments Even More Important This Year? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/7/19

Gall Midge War Continues -- Iowa Soybean Review 10/19

Robison Recognizes ISA’s Commitment to ISU, Research -- Iowa Soybean Review 10/19

ISU to Host Harvest Weed Seed Control Clinic -- Wallaces Farmer 10/7/19

Farmers Get 'Negligible' Benefit From Insecticide That May Kill Bees, Researchers Say -- UPI 10/4/19

FMC Partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University -- Seed World 10/4/19

Variability Complicates Soybean Harvest -- KMA 10/4/19

A Recipe For Success With Soil Sampling -- Iowa State University 10/3/19

How Healthy Is Your Soil? -- Wallaces Farmer 10/4/19

Sort Through Soybean Disease Symptoms -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 10/4/19

Pay Dockage Fee or Dry Soybeans on the Farm? -- Successful Farming 10/4/19

Complete Genome of Devastating Soybean Pathogen Assembled -- 10/3/19

FMC Partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University -- Iowa State University 10/3/19

Corn and Soybean Rotation Could Pose Long-term Tradeoffs for Soil Health -- 10/3/19

Soggy Start to Harvest -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/2/19

Soybean Gall Midge Not Only Small Orange Fly Larvae in Minnesota Soybean Fields: Another Species Associated with White Mold -- University of Minnesota 10/2/19

ISU Collecting Waterhemp Seeds Statewide -- Wallaces Farmer 10/2/19

Phosphorus and Potassium Management for 2020 after a Year with Highly Variable Yields -- Iowa State University 10/1/19

Fall Burndown Treatments for Winter Annual Weeds -- Iowa State University 10/1/19

Harvest Prep Underway -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/1/19

ISA Research Updates Interactive Economic Decision-making Tool -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/1/19

Calibrated Yield Monitors Could Increase Profits -- Iowa Soybean Association 10/1/19

Harvest 2019 Slowly Gets Underway in Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 10/1/19

Fall Herbicide Treatments – Even More Important in 2019? -- No-Till Farmer 10/1/19

Lots of Rain in the Forecast Creates More Delays for Iowa Farmers –WHOTV13 10/1/19

Iowa Allows Overweight Loads For 2019’s Fall Harvest -- Wallaces Farmer 10/1/19

Weed Answers For 2020 Start This Fall -- Ohio’s Country Journal 10/1/19

A Step Toward Controlling Soybean Rust -- 10/1/19

When Life Gets Tough, Iowa Concern Can Help -- Morning Ag Clips 10/1/19


September 2019

October 21 Harvest Weed Seed Control Clinic -- Iowa State University 9/30/19

Rural Route 4: Crossing Fingers for Harvest -- Quad City Times 9/30/19

Planning for Potential Harvest, Storage Challenges -- Iowa Farmer Today 9/30/19

Fall Harvest Approaches in a Frustrating Farming Season Leader -- Telegram 9/30/19

Iowa to Host National Extension Conference -- Wallaces Farmer 9/30/19

Crop Improvement Assoc. Supports ISU Project -- Morning Ag Clips 9/28/19

Midwest Agronomists Talk September Crop Progress -- Corn + Soybean Digest 9/27/19

Soybean Cyst Nematode Confirmation Presents Challenge for Producers -- Manitoba Co-operator 9/27/19

6 Lessons About Weed Control Learned in 2019 -- Corn + Soybean Digest 9/25/19

Scout From Your Office With Today’s Technology -- Corn + Soybean Digest 9/25/19

Another Challenging Harvest -- Wallaces Farmer 9/27/19

Additional Prevent Plant Payments Coming Soon -- Wallaces Farmer 9/27/19

Verifying Combine Adjustments During Crop Harvest -- Iowa State University 9/26/19

Harvesting Soybeans for Forage -- Sturgis Journal 9/26/19

Improved Genetics, Crop Management Strategies Can Help Boost Soybean Yields -- Wisconsin State Farmer 9/26/19

Purdue Agronomists Offer Prevent Plant Option Recommendations -- Winchester News Gazette 9/26/19

6 Steps to Better Weed Control -- Wallaces Farmer 9/24/19

View From the Cab: Soybean Cyst Nematode – KFGO 9/23/19

A Manageable Pest -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/23/19

Farm Safety Expert: Extra Tractor Riders Pose Risk of Accidents -- 9/23/19

Iowa Will Host National Extension Ag Agents Conference in 2023 – Iowa State University 9/19/19

Survey of Herbicide-Resistant Waterhemp in Iowa Corn and Soybean Fields -- Iowa State University 9/20/19

Iowa Grain Quality Challenges: Soybeans -- Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network 9/20/19 

Soybean Crops Behind Schedule for Some Siouxland Farmers -- KCAU  9/20/19

Soybean Cyst Nematodes: Get Ready for 2020 -- Wallaces Farmer 9/20/19

Seeding Cover Crops in Late Summer -- Sentinel Tribune 9/20/19

Production Blog: Don't Feed the Nematodes -- Progressive Farmer 9/20/19

Harvest and Post-harvest Tips for Corn and Soybeans -- Corn + Soybean Digest 9/20/19

ISU Using Drones to Help Farmers -- WOI 9/19/19

Use Caution Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-infested Fields -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/19/19

Sorting Out the Soybean Herbicide Resistance Traits -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/19/19

University Leaders Share What’s New at ISU -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/19/19

Harvest Delays May Push Back Cover Crops -- Kenosha News 9/19/19

Soybean Harvest Won’t be a Bin-Buster, Farmers Say -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/18/19

New Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex -- Morning Ag Clips 9/18/19

How Long do we Have for Late Planted Soybeans to Mature? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/18/19

A "Dryer" Soybean Harvest -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/18/19

Late Planting Season Brings Late Growing Season in Eastern Iowa – Quad City Times 9/17/19

Latest Research Offered During Annual Field Day -- Britt News Tribune 9/17/19

SCN Rides On Waves In Flooded Fields -- AgPro 9/17/19

"Sudden Death Syndrome" Impacting Soybean Crop – RFD TV 9/17/19

On the Yellow Side: Soybeans Need K -- Wallaces Farmer 9/18/19

AccuWeather Predicts On-time Frost Will Hurt Corn, Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 9/18/19

Shift Into Farming Safely During Farm Safety Week -- Wallaces Farmer 9/17/19

USDA Offers Disaster Assistance for Farmers -- Morning Ag Clips 9/17/19

The House That Soy Built: Soy-Based Products Are on the Leading Edge of Sustainable Housing -- Business Wire 9/17/19

Crop Protection Network: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Farmers -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/16/19

Early Yellowing in Soybeans May Point to Soybean Cyst Nematode -- No-Till Farmer 9/16/19

September 15-21 is National Farm Safety and Health Week! -- Iowa State University 9/16/19

Drainage Water recycling shows promise in Iowa -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/16/19

The Finer Details That Influence Soybean Yield -- AgPro 9/16/19

Ferrie: SDS Hits Early-Planted Soybeans -- AgPro 9/16/19

Palmer Amaranth's Secrets Reveal Troubling Potential -- Morning Ag Clips

Soybeans are Maturing -- KDHL 9/15/19

Making Your 2019 ARC, PLC Decision -- Wallaces Farmer 9/13/19

ARC, PLC Program Changes, Deadlines and Decisions -- Wallaces Farmer 9/13/19

Peanut Country Soybean Disease Shows up in Illinois in 2019 -- Kenosha News 9/13/19

Iowa Soybean Farmers Elected to State, National Leadership Posts -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/12/19

Alert: Some Cover Crops host SCN -- Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network 9/12/19

Videos: Brown Stem Rot & Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybean -- University of Wisconsin-Madison 9/12/19

Soy Briefs -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/12/19

Machine Learning in Agriculture: ISU Scientists are Teaching Computers to Diagnose Soybean Stress -- Iowa State University 9/12/19

Reports Confirm Roller-Coaster Year -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/12/19

Can Weed Seed Production Be Reduced with Late-season Herbicide Applications? – The Standard 9/11/2019

Key Tips to Prepare for a Variable Crop Harvest -- Iowa State University 9/11/19

Plan Ahead for Potential Harvest and Storage Challenges this Fall -- Iowa State University 9/11/19

How Can UAVs Be Used in Weed Management? -- Wallaces Farmer 9/11/19

NSF Awards $2.9 Million to Advance Next Generation of Crop Genetic Engineering -- Iowa State University 9/11/19

Minimize Soybean Harvesting Loss and Maximize Cost per Bushel -- Penn State Extension 9/11/19

Freeze Facts -- Progressive Farmer 9/11/19

Plan Ahead to Minimize Soil Compaction During Harvest -- Iowa State University 9/10/19

Use Caution Choosing Cover Crops for SCN-infested Fields -- SCN Coalition 9/10/19

Soybeans Play Essential Role in Experimental Crop Rotation -- Mitchell County Press News 9/10/19

New Research Finds That Soybean Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments Provide Farmers Negligible Benefits -- Wisconsin State Farmer 9/10/19

Harvesting Soybeans for Forage This Fall -- Wisconsin State Farmer 9/10/19

High Oleic Soybeans Could Boast Markets and Profit Margins -- The Albany Herald 9/10/19

Iowans to Observe Farm Safety Week Sept. 15-21 -- Iowa State University 9/9/19

Manganese Deficiency in Soybeans Stands Out in Late Summer -- The Goshen News 9/9/19

Resources Available for Farmers Hurt by Disasters -- Morning Ag Clips 9/9/19

Conservation Easements on Flooded Land -- Morning Ag Clips 9/9/19

Cover Crop Seeding Methods -- Successful Farming 9/9/19

6 takeaways from Soybean Management Field Days -- Nebraska Farmer 9/9/19

Rethinking Seed Treatments Ohio’s Country -- Journal 9/9/19

Escaped Weeds Produce Crop of Seeds -- Wallaces Farmer 9/9/19

Soybeans Show Signs of Potassium Deficiency -- Kenosha News 9/9/19

Palmer Amaranth Tour News Mixed -- AgWeek 9/9/19

Cool Temperatures Have Put Soybeans Behind in Development. Will they mature prior to Frost? -- AgWeek 9/9/19

Southern Soybean Breeders Meet to Compare Notes, Collaborate -- University of Arkansas 9/9/19

Late Season Pest Activity -- Iowa State University 9/6/19

ISU Launches MBA for Ag -- Iowa State University 9/6/19

FREEZE WATCH -- Des Moines Register 9/6/19

Purdue Scientists Show How Soybeans May Get More Nitrogen From Atmosphere -- AgriNews 9/6/19

Nitrogen Nodules Part of Secret to Good Soybean Yields -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 9/6/19

2019 Science Policy Experience Brings National Spotlight to Successful Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project -- Iowa State University 9/5/19

Soybeans Have a Long Road Ahead! -- Corn & Soybean Digest 9/5/19

U.S. Soy Shines at Global Event -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/5/19

SCN Testing Is More Important Than Ever -- AgPro 9/4/19

Remembering Dean Coleman -- Wallaces Farmer 9/4/19

The Tye Grain Drill and Narrow-Row Soybeans -- No-Till Farmer 9/4/19

August Ends Drier Than Normal for Iowa Crops -- Wallaces Farmer 9/4/19

2019 Western Iowa Palmer Amaranth Tour -- Iowa State University 9/4/19

Making Ag-Urban Connections One Person at a Time -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/3/19

Watershed Plans Focus Goals for Improved Water Quality -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/3/19

Sponheim is Making Cover Crops Profitable -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/3/19

Concerns Growing as Harvest Nears -- Ames Tribune 9/3/19

Helping Kids Understand Agriculture (The Coleman Family) -- Wallaces Farmer 9/3/19

Cereal Rye Cover Crop Between Corn and Soybeans -- Farm Forum 9/3/19

Work Through Soybeans-After-Soybeans Dilemma -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 9/3/19

Crops Need a Long Fall to Reach Maximum Potential -- Post Bulletin 9/3/19

Time to Check Corn, Soybeans Before Harvest -- American Agriculturist 9/3/19

Harvesting Beans this Fall Will Require Patience -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 9/2/19

Farmers Rank this Year as Hardest Ever for Them -- The Gazette 9/2/19

Considering Soybeans’ Mineral Content to Differentiate Countries of Origin -- New Food 9/2/19

PF Crop Tour Finds Varied Results -- The Messenger 9/1/19


August 2019

Soybean Growers: What to Know About Soybean Cyst Nematode -- The Express 8/31/19

Help to Wrap Up Tough Year -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 8/31/19

Dicamba Complaints Continue Despite Efforts -- Morning Ag Clips 8/31/19

Assess Decisions After a Challenging Soybean Year -- Wisconsin Agriculturist 8/30/19

Early-planted Soybean Trials Show Extra Profitability -- AgriNews 8/30/19

Can Weed Seed Production be Reduced with Late-season Herbicide Applications? -- Iowa State University 8/30/19

Crops Could Use a Little More Heat Say Experts -- KIOW 8/30/19

Prevent Plant Numbers Suggest Acreage Came Out of Soybeans -- Illinois Farmer Today 8/29/19

Cool Temps May Not Give Enough Heat For Crops To Mature Before Frost – Sioux County Daily News 8/29/19

Crops Need Some Warm Weather to Mature Before Frost -- Radio Iowa 8/29/19

Drying Soybeans a Different Ballgame -- Indiana Farmer 8/29/19

Maturity Becomes a Concern as Harvest Approaches -- Iowa State University 8/29/19

Residue Cover Becomes Asset During Dry Times -- Indiana Farmer 8/28/19

Scout for Thistle Caterpillars, Aphids, Soybean Gall Midge -- Wallaces Farmer 8/27/19

Cover Crops Key in Climate Change Fight --  Iowa Farmer Today 8/27/19

Farmers Hope to Boost Acreage -- Farm Futures 8/27/19

Study Led by Iowa State University Takes New Look at Monarch Numbers -- Iowa State University 8/26/19

Joint Dordt, ISU Extension Field Day To Feature Research -- KIWA 8/26/19

Estimating Soybean Yield Potential -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/26/19

Iowa Soybean Association Directors are Elected -- LeMars Daily Sentinel 8/25/19

S.C. Researchers Working to Develop Drought-tolerant Soybeans -- The Times & Democrat 8/25/19

Now is the Time... To Understand the Impact of Defoliation on Maturing Soybeans -- Lancaster Farming 8/25/19

Testing for Failed Fungicides -- The Grand Island Independent 8/24/19

Upper Soybean Leaves Began Showing Potassium Deficiency Symptoms Since Early August in Some Iowa Fields -- Iowa State University 8/23/19

How Well Did Your Weed Control Program Work in Soybeans? -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 8/23/19

Dealing with Frogeye Leaf Spot on Soybeans -- Sentinel Tribune 8/23/19

Do’s and Don’ts for Treating Soybean Insects in August and September – NC State Extension 8/22/19

Update on Crop and Soil Status Across the I-States -- Iowa State University 8/22/19

Cover Crop and Wetland Field Day Sept. 11 -- Morning Ag Clips 8/22/19

Strategies for Soybean Cyst Nematode Identification, Control -- The Farmer 8/22/19

Scout Now for Palmer Amaranth -- The Standard 8/21/19

Iowa Showcases "Better than Expected" Corn and Soybeans -- AgWeb 8/21/19

Iowa Soybean Research Center: Strengthening Iowa Connections -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/20/19

GDM Partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center -- Morning Ag Clips 8/21/19

Soybean Breeders Work to Improve SCN Resistance -- 8/19/19

GDM Partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University -- Iowa State University 8/20/19

What Went Wrong with Weed Control in 2019 -- Wallaces Farmer 8/20/19

Iowa Farmers Take Aim at Soy-eating Painted Lady Butterfly -- Washington Times 8/19/19

Smarter Imagery -- Ohio Ag Net 8/19/19

Butterfly Spike Impacts Soybean Crop in Central Iowa -- Ames Tribune 8/18/19

Soaking in the Sun: Farmer Aims to Rejuvenate Fields by Tapping Power of Sunlight – Rapid City Journal 8/8/19

US Drought Monitor Update and How it Works – Iowa State University 8/16/19

ISU Extension Agronomist Says It’s Possible To Plant Soybeans Into Standing Cover Crops -- WNAX 8/16/19

USDA Green Lights Commercialization of GMO, Drought-tolerant Soybean -- Genetic Literacy Project 8/16/19

Poll: More Farmers Interested in Prairie Strips -- Wallaces Farmer 8/16/19

Three Soybean Fields Show it Pays to Scout -- Ag Update 8/16/19

Active Pests in Late-planted Beans May Require Insecticide -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 8/16/19

Discovery Gives Evolution Clues and May Affect Drug Interaction Research -- Medical Xpress 8/15/19

Northern Iowa Research Farm Association Field Day -- Morning Ag Clips 8/15/19

Sudden Death Syndrome Found in N.D. Soybeans -- AgriNews 8/15/19

Soil Health Digest: 20 Things Every Farmer Needs to Know -- Successful Farming 8/14/19

In Memoriam: Dean Coleman -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/14/19

Restoring Soil Can Help Address Climate Change -- Morning AgClips 8/14/19

Cover crop cost-share incentives available -- Wallaces Farmer 8/14/19

ISU Northern Research Farm Field Day draws wide range of attendees -- Britt News Tribune 8/13/19

Insect Causes Problems for Soybean Farmers -- KCAU 8/13/19

What is a realistic goal for weed management? -- Iowa State University 8/13/19

Iowa Crop 2 Weeks Behind Normal -- 8/13/19

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July 2019

Delegation of Iowa Soybean Growers Visiting Asia -- KMCH 7/31/19

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June 2019

Farmers Have a Secret Weapon to Save Your Food From Climate Chaos -- Mother Jones 6/29/19

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May 2019

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April 2019

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March 2019

New Space Promotes Collaboration At ISU -- March 2019

New EPA-Required Paraquat Training and Additional Use Restrictions -- Iowa State University 03/29/19

Planting With Seedling Diseases and Low Germination Rates -- Iowa State University 03/29/19

Spring Planting Delays, Soil Erosion Among Top Concerns for Area Farmers -- KiwaRadio 03/28/19

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This Pest Costs Soybean Farmers $1 Billion Annually -- Succcessful Farming 03/01/19

Scientists Overcome Repetitive DNA To Sequence the Genome of Devastating Soybean Pest -- Iowa State University 03/01/19


February 2019

Didn't Get Fall Tillage Completed, Save Money This Spring -- Iowa State University 02/28/19

Diversify Weed Management -- Successful Farming 02/27/19

ISU Welcomes New Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences -- Ames Tribune 02/27/19

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Fungicide-resistant Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungus Confirmed In South Dakota Soybean -- Farm Forum 02/25/19

Black Cutworm and Armyworm Trapping Network Call for Cooperators 2019 -- Wallaces Farmer 02/22/19

Youth Crop Scouting Competition Sharpens Skills -- Wallaces Farmer 02/21/19

When It Comes To Nitrogen Application, More Is Not Always Better! -- Wallaces Farmer 02/20/19

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Study: Climate Change Could Make Iowa Temperatures Feel Like Oklahoma Cities By 2080 -- Iowa Public Radio 02/19/19

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Average Soybean Pod Weight vs. Number of Pods -- Progressive Farmer 02/19/19

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Four-inch Rain In 60 Minutes Made Corning, Iowa, Farmer Believer In Cover Crops -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/14/19

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Keeping Soil, Yields, and Income Healthy -- The Messenger 02/11/19

Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides On Soybeans In 2018 -- Iowa State University 02/11/19

Numbers Up For Illinois Corn, Soybean But Down Slightly in Iowa -- Dispatch Argus 02/08/19

Growing and Selling Cover Crop Seed -- Iowa State University 02/07/19

Farmer Research Tour Kicks Off In Storm Lake -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/07/19

Survey: Increasing Use and Interest In Nutrient Reduction Practices -- usagnet 02/06/19

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New Monarch Numbers Encouraging: Conservation Efforts in Iowa Contribute To Long-term Recovery -- Iowa State University 02/01/19

Achieving Full-season Waterhemp Control in Soybean -- Iowa State University 02/01/19


January 2019

Disposing of Unwanted Pesticides and Chemicals -- Iowa State University 01/31/19

"Why Can’t You Academics Get Your Stories Straight?", or "What Is the Optimum Soybean Seeding Rate?" -- Iowa State University 01/31/19

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Austrialia Might Have the Answer To Herbicide-resistant "Superweeds" -- Civil Eats 01/28/19

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2019 Soybean Seed Supplies Tight, Lower Quality -- Greenbook 01/26/19

Are Your Employees Up To Date On WPS Training? -- Iowa State University 01/25/19

Consumer Connection: Banishing Misinformation Through Shared Values -- Iowa Soybean Association 01/24/19

2019 Soybean Acreage Decline Likely From Fringe States --- AgPro 01/23/19

The Iowa Soybean Association Takes Research Conference Out Into the State -- Iowa State University 01/23/19

Targeting A Soybean Menace, Soybean Gall Midge Having Big Impact On Area Fields -- Yankton Daily 01/21/19

Weed Science Program 2018 Weed Control Results -- Iowa State University January 2019

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Soybean Weed Management Systems Update

Management Publications To Have Before Planting -- Iowa State University 01/07/19

2018 SCN-resistant Variety Trial Results Show Yield Effects and SCN Buildup -- Iowa State University 01/03/19



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