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February 2018

Frogeye Leaf Spot Fungicide Resistance Confirmed in Iowa Soybean -- Iowa State University 02/19/18

14 Things Every Corn Farmer Must Do Right Now -- Successful Farming 02/19/18

Interactive Crop Scout Training Available Online -- Iowa State University 02/16/18

Ignorance not bliss if wanting to make the most of ag data -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/15/18

Farmers oppose 2019 budget -- Ottumwa Courier 02/14/18

Shipley enjoying time spent as President of the Iowa Soybean Association -- KMA Land 02/14/19

Out-of-the box weed solutions -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/13/18

Iowa State University Leads Harrison County Project to Combat Weeds Resistant to Herbicides -- Iowa State University 02/13/18

Iowa State University Economists Outline Benefits of Reducing Nitrates -- Iowa State University 02/13/18

Coalition launches 4R Plus nutrient and conservation stewardship program for Iowa’s farmers -- The Nature Conservancy 02/13/18

ISA scores at ISU -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/10/18

Gaesser: Strong, healthy farms key to Iowa's future -- KMA Land 02/09/18

Herbicide Resistant Weed Concerns Shown in Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll -- Iowa State University 02/08/18

Soy Growers Planning to Apply Dicamba Must Go Through Training -- American Soybean Association 02/08/18

ISA and ISU - Partners in Progress -- Iowa Soybean Association 02/08/18

Herbicides alone won’t beat weeds -- Corn+Soybean Digest 02/07/18

Be a data shark -- Corn+Soybean Digest 02/06/18

Soybean Disease Identification Resource Updated for 2018 -- Crop Life 02/06/18

Weed Control Results Report Available Online
The ISU Weed Science Program 2017 Weed Control Results report is available and can be downloaded at the ISU Extension and Outreach Extension Store. The free report provides unbiased comparisons for herbicides used in corn and soybean production. Research was conducted at a number of Iowa sites.

Better management, ‘stealing’ ideas key to combatting weeds, experts say | Iowa Soybean Association -- ISA Newsroom 02/01/18


January 2018

Corn, soybean growers hear of bright potential for farm economy growth -- McLeod County Chronicle 01/31/18

Data pegs soybean yield gap -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/29/18

Increased soybean yields through improved management -- Farm Talk 01/29/18

The rise of the sensor -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/27/18

Iowa achieves high yields despite drought -- Wallaces Farmer 01/26/18

Weed biology key to success -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/26/18

New site gives Midwest farmers easy access to crop management resources -- Iowa State University 01/25/18

Narrower rows, early-season action can improve weed management -- ISA Newsroom 01/25/18

What’s really driving high soybean yields? Yeah, someone did a study -- Farm Futures 01/25/18

Tips for increasing your soybean yield -- Agrinews 01/24/18

Pervasive pest surveyed across Iowa -- ISA Newsroom 01/23/18

Partnering for better soil health -- ISA Newsroom 01/23/18

Dicamba’s last year? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/23/18

Researchers at ISU develop sensors to help farmers understand how much nitrogen and water their crops need -- 01/23/18

Fertilizer decisions for newly rented ground -- Wallaces Farmer 01/22/18

The strength of Iowa's native roots -- Iowa State Daily 01/22/18

Do cover crops affect corn, soybean yields? -- Wallaces Farmer 01/19/18

Act now or lose more yield, income to weeds, say agronomic experts -- Iowa Soybean Association 01/18/18

Dig this data for higher soybean yields -- American Agriculturist 01/18/18

Recipe for soybean success -- Agrinews 01/17/18

Dicamba training opportunities --Iowa Soybean Association 01/17/18

Midwest weed control review -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/16/18

Should you invest in soybean seed treatments? -- Wallaces Farmer 01/15/18

Is our growing season changing? -- The Messenger 01/15/18

Can you build soil health? -- AgWeek 01/14/18

Study: Cover Crops Can Increase Corn, Soybean Yields -- Iowa Public Radio 01/12/18

Transition to data-driven decisions on the farm -- Corn+Soybean Digest 01/11/18

Social Networks Play Integral Part in Conservation Practice Adoption -- Iowa State University 01/02/18


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