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September 2021

Harvesttime Scouting -- Wallaces Farmer 9/24/21

ISA's New Conservation Agronomists Assist Farmers and Ag Retailers with Conservation Efforts -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/24/21

Time to Get Aggressive Hedging Next Year’s Soybean Crop? -- Farm Futures 9/24/21

Soy Research Focuses on Sustainability -- High Plains Journal 9/24/21

Study: Iowa Farmers Adapt Practices to Climate Change -- Iowa Farmer Today 9/24/21

Early Weather Stress Shows From Above in Soybeans -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 9/24/21

Soybean Gall Midge Continues Spread -- Columbus Telegram 9/23/21

Soy Checkoff Elevates Value of Farmer Investments Through Soy Hopper -- Morning Ag Clips 9/23/21

Mitigate This Season’s Most Challenging Corn and Soybean Diseases -- Morning Ag Clips 9/23/21

Soybean Disease Discovered for First Time Ever in Kentucky -- WKYT 9/23/21

Increasing Inclination Towards Vegan Based High-Protein Diet to garner Demand for Soybean By-products -- PRNewswire 9/23/21

Climate Change and Declining Crop Yields -- KTVO 9/23/21

'We Are Losing Our Grip on SCN' -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/23/21

Learning More Together: RCFI Replicated Strip Trials -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/23/21

Seed Cover Crops Before Soybean Harvest? Jury is Out -- American Agriculturalist 9/23/21

Food Prices Poised to Surge with Fertilizer at Highest in Years -- Progressive Farmer 9/21/21

Soybean Cyst Nematodes -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/22/21

Soybean Gall Midge Worms Its Way Into Southwest Minnesota -- The Globe 9/22/21

Handle With Care: Protect Soybean Germination and Quality -- AgWeb 9/21/21

Fall Can Be a Great Time for Weed Management -- Wallaces Farmer 9/21/21

Iowa Soybean Association Observes National Farm Safety and Health Week -- Morning Ag Clips 9/20/21

Soy-rich Kids’ Snacks for the Busy Back-to-School Season -- Morning Ag Clips 9/20/21

Soy-based Concrete Sealant Application Extends Life of Sioux Falls Roads -- 9/18/21

Disease Pressure Could Cause Yield Drops in Soybeans This Fall -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/17/21

Weather Determining Fate of High Soybean Yield Potential -- Corn+Soybean Digest

Assessing SDS and SCN -- 9/17/21

Farmer Says Loss of Chlorpyrifos Hard for Growers -- Brownfield Ag News 9/16/21

Honoring a Lifelong Contributor to Agriculture – Wallaces Farmer 9/17/21

Weed Control in Changing Weather – Ohio’s Country Journal 9/17/21

Nutrient Research Center Announces New Water Quality Projects – Wallaces Farmer 9/16/21

An Update from the Field – Wallaces Farmer 9/16/21

Farmer Voices, Ideas Emerge as Regional Grassroots Town Hall Series Concludes – Iowa Soybean Association 9/16/21

Got Weeds in your Beans? You’re Not Alone – AgUpdate 9/15/21

Mixed Bag in Beans -- Iowa State University 9/16/21

Fall SCN Sampling -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/16/21

Lesson Learned From Relay-cropping Camelina with Soybean in Central Iowa -- Morning Ag Clips 9/15/21

A New Way for Midwestern Soybean Farmers to Fight an Emerging Insect -- Brownfield Ag News 9/14/21

Soybean Pests are Rearing Their Ugly Heads -- The Crescent-News 9/11/21

Farmers Elected to Iowa Soybean Association Leadership Posts -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/10/21

Western Iowa Experimental Association to Hold 75th Anniversary Field Day -- Iowa State University 9/10/21

3 Tips on Field Mapping with Aerial Imagery – Corn+Soybean Digest 9/10/21

Tips on Field Mapping with Aerial Imagery – Iowa State University 9/9/21

Precision Ag Technology Is Focus of Learning Farms Webinar – Iowa State University 9/9/21

GTE 2021: Soy’s Nutritional Role Grows – Iowa Soybean Association 9/9/21

Soybean Pests -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/9/21

Carol Pilcher to lead ISU Pesticide Safety Education Program -- Wallaces Farmer 9/9/21

NIFA Grant to Support Multidisciplinary Genome-to-Phenome Research -- Wallaces Farmer 9/9/21

New Uses for Soybeans Continue to Grow -- Brownfield Ag News 9/8/21

Iowa Learning Farms Announces September Field Days -- Morning Ag Clips 9/8/21

Tips for Harvesting Test Plots and Trials -- Iowa State University 9/7/21

2021 Palmer Amaranth Tour: Old Habits Die Hard -- Iowa State University 9/7/21

Soybean Gall Midge Identified in 8 More Nebraska Counties -- High Plains Journal 9/6/21

Soy Checkoff Investments Work to Increase Profitability for U.S. Soybean Farmers -- AgriNews 9/6/21

Hawkeyes, Cyclone Team Buses Powered by Homegrown Biodiesel Courtesy of Iowa Soybean Farmers -- Morning Ag Clips 9/6/21

Hurricane Damage Could Impact Iowa Soybean Industry -- KCCI 9/5/21

Planting Deep Has Pros and Cons -- RealAgriculture 9/4/21

How to Tell if Fungicide Worked on Soybeans -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 9/3/21

Cover Crops After Soybean or Corn Silage is a Great Opportunity -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/3/21

Slice Soybean Stress -- Successful Farming 9/2/21

Fall Armyworm is a 2021 Late-Season Pest -- Iowa State University 9/2/21

Drought to Deluge: Crop Conditions Vary Across the State -- Iowa Soybean Association 9/2/21

Pre-harvest Weed Control Slows Spread -- Ag Update 9/1/21

Aistrope Hired as Regional Director for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach -- Iowa State University 9/1/21

Don’t Skimp on Potash Replacement -- Wallaces Farmer 9/1/21

Understanding Genes and the Environment -- Ohio’s Country Journal 9/1/21



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August 2021

Upcoming Fall Field Days -- Iowa State University 8/31/21

Spreading Soybean Residue Properly Key Challenge Today -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/31/21

SoyFest Celebrates the Contributions of Soybeans in Every Day Life -- Iowa State University 8/30/21

SoyFest Showcases Soy on ISU Campus - Iowa Soybean Association 8/31/21

Yellow Soybean Leaves Too Early This Season? -- Iowa Farmer Today 8/31/21

Pilcher Is New Pesticide Safety Education Manager -- Iowa State University 8/30/21

Cover Crop Field Day to Be Held Near Grinnell Sept. 14 -- Iowa State University 8/30/21

Farmers Eye High Weed, Pest Pressure as Crops Near the Finish Line -- Progressive Farmer 8/30/21

Grow More Soybeans with Less -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/30/21

Watch for Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans -- Corn+Soybean Digest 6/27/21

Why Yellow Soybeans May be Early this Season -- Wallaces Farmer 8/26/21

Can Soybean Yield Hang On? -- Progressive Farmer 9/26/21

Steps to Success with Cover Crops -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/26/21

Opening the Black Box of Weed Resistance -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/25/21

High-Powered Winds Damage Corn and Soybean Fields in Portions of Northeast Iowa, Minnesota -- AgWeb 8/25/21

Sudden Death Syndrome Showing Up In Iowa Soybean Fields -- WNAX 6/24/21

Technology Helps Break Plant Breeding Barriers -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/24/21

Iowa State marks 20 years as "CDC for seeds" -- Morning Ag Clips 8/24/21

Fall is Approaching Fast - Time to Think About 2022 -- Corn+Soybean Digest

Crops Could Pave Way to Better Roads -- Wallaces Farmer 8/24/21

Survey: Growers Adopt Tools to Fight SCN -- Montgomery Media 8/23/21

Fall Approaches – Time to Think about Crop Fertility for 2022 -- Iowa State University 8/23/21

Breaking Plant Breeding Barriers and Crop Production with UAS Technology -- Iowa State University 8/23/21

Weed Seeds Can Impact Soybean Exports -- Successful Farming 8/23/21

First Annual SoyFest Celebrates All Things Soy Next Week At ISU -- KCIM 8/21/21

How EPA’s Cancellation of Chlorpyrifos Tolerances Will Impact Crop Pest Management -- Successful Farming 8/21/21

Is Ag Research in Jeopardy? -- Wallaces Farmer 8/20/21

Larger Nodules Help Soybeans Compensate During Dry Conditions -- RealAgriculture 8/20/21

Iowa Soybean Research Center to Host SoyFest -- Morning Ag Clips 8/20/21

Identifying Late-season Soybean Issues -- Wallaces Farmer 8/20/21

Soybean Aphid Populations Rising Around Ohio -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/20/21

The First Soy Fest Will be Held on Wednesday, August 25th at the Central Campus -- Industry Update 4/19/21

New Counties Confirmed for Soybean Gall Midge in Iowa -- Iowa State University 8/19/21

Sudden Death Syndrome Surfacing? Here's Why You Might be Seeing More of It -- Progressive farmer 8/19/21

North Central Iowa Research Farm to Hold Fall Field Day -- Iowa State University 8/18/21

Scout Soybeans for Compromised Root Systems, Disease Pressure -- Brownfield Ag News 8/18/21

Iowa Soybean Research Center to Host SoyFest -- Iowa State University 8/18/21

UPL partners with ISU Soybean Research Center -- Wallaces Farmer 8/18/21

Debut of In-field Conservation Case Study -- Morning Ag Clips 8/18/21

Where Sulfur Fits in Corn, Soybeans -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 8/18/21

Free Digital Cookbook Easy Snackable Soy Offers Plant-based Snack Ideas -- Morning Ag Clips 8/17/21

Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm to Hold Fall Field Day -- Morning Ag Clips 8/17/21

Northeast Iowa Field Day to Highlight Crop Marketing and Nutrient Management -- Morning Ag Clips 8/17/21

Is That Really SDS in a Dry Year? -- Iowa State University 8/17/21

Scout Now for These Later Season Soybean Stressors -- Successful Farming 8/17/21

Crop Rotation and Soil Management -- KWQC 8/16/21

Yellow Soybean too Early this Season? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/16/21

History of the Soybean: Learn About Soy's Journey in U.S. -- AgriNews 8/15/21

Strip-till to be Featured During Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Research Farms Field Day -- Morning Ag Clips 8/15/21

Seven Farmers Elected to Iowa Soybean Association Board of Directors -- Morning Ag Clips 8/15/21

Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm to Hold Fall Field Day -- Iowa State University 8/13/21

Fight Resistance; Learn from Past Mistakes -- Wallaces Farmer 8/13/21

Will Pale Soybeans Rebound? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/13/21

Hazy Days: How Does Light Influence Crop? -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/13/21

Moisture Haves and Have Nots Showing Up -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/13/21

Yellow Soybean too Early this Season? -- Iowa State University 8/12/21

Study Shows Soybean Meal Increases Weight Gain in Pigs -- Morning Ag Clips 8/12/21

ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Names Carolyn Lawrence-Dill Associate Dean for Research and Discovery -- Morning Ag Clips 8/12/21

Weather Slows Disease, but Weeds Present Challenge -- Iowa Farmer Today 8/12/21

Seven Farmers Elected to Iowa Soybean Association Board of Directors -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/12/21

ISU Academics Offer a Glimpse of Carbon Market -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/12/21

Soybean School: The Effects of Drought Stress -- RealAgriculture 8/12/21

UPL Partners with Iowa Soybean Research Center at Iowa State University -- Morning Ag Clips 8/11/21

'I See Dead Plants' Podcast Now Available from Integrated Pest Management -- Iowa State University 8/11/21

Strip-till to Be Featured during Agricultural Engineering and Agronomy Research Farms Field Day -- Iowa State University 8/11/21

August 27 Field Day to Highlight Crop Marketing and Nutrient Management -- Morning Ag Clips 8/11/21

Hazy Days…How Does Light Influence Corn and Soybeans? -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/10/21

Well Nodulated Soybeans Shouldn’t Need Added Nitrogen -- Corn+Soybean Digest 8/10/21

Considerations when over-seeding cover crops -- Iowa Farmer Today 8/10/21

Broadcasting Cover Crop Seed into Standing Soybeans -- Lancaster Farming 8/10/21

Scouting for Soybean Cyst Nematode -- Lancaster Farming 8/8/21

Relevance, Importance of Soybeans Celebrated in August -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/5/21

USB Consumer Research Unpacks Protein Perceptions -- Iowa Soybean Association 8/5/21

To Adapt to Changing Climates, We Need to Overhaul How we Breed Corn and Soybeans -- Genetic Literacy Project 8/5/21

Soybean Cupping Afflicts Many Parts of Iowa This Year -- Wallaces Farmer 8/5/21

Monitoring Plant Health -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/5/21

Corn and Soybeans Bring Potential for Cheaper Road Repairs -- NTV 8/4/21

Twospotted Spider Mite Scouting Reminders -- Wallaces Farmer 8/4/21

Youth Test Pest Management Skills during 2021 Iowa Youth Crop Scouting Competition -- Iowa State University 8/3/21

Unspoken Truth About Pests: This Pest Can Cost You 15% to 50% in Yield Loss -- AgWeb 8/3/21

Can We Keep U.S. Ag Competitive with Public Research Funding? -- Wallaces Farmer 8/2/21

USDA NIFA, NSF invest in Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes -- Morning Ag Clips 8/2/21

Using On-farm Research to Learn Locally -- Ohio’s Country Journal 8/2/21

Growers Should be on Alert for Presence of Disease in Corn, Soybean Fields -- Wisconsin Farmer 8/2/21

Attack of the Soybean Beetles -- Messenger-Inquirer 8/1/21


July 2021

Make the Right Choice for Dealing with Late-season Insects -- The Ada News 7/31/21

Iowa Farmers Need To Scout Their Fields For Damaging Insects -- KIWA 7/31/21

Farmers Urged to Check Fields for Pests -- Radio Iowa 7/30/21

Farmer Reports Yellow Soybeans After Excess Rain -- Brownfield Ag News 7/30/21

August is Soybean Month, Celebrate with ISA! -- Iowa Soybean Association 7/28/21

Weather Threatens the Entire U.S. Soybean Carryout -- Successful Farming 7/27/21

Farm Journal Test Plots: How Early Soybean Planting Pays -- AgWeb 7/26/21

Potash a Necessary Expense -- 921News 7/26/21

Foliar Fungicide Use in Soybeans -- Atchison Globe 7/26/21

Pollinating insects Can Help Soybean Yields -- AgriNews 7/25/21

Soybean Aphid Thresholds -- Successful Farming 7/26/21

How to Distinguish Flooding Injury From Phytophthora or Pythium Root Rot in Soybeans -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/26/21

PSU Research Team Begins Work on Soybean-based Golf Balls -- The Morning Sun 7/26/21

Protect Field Crops From Leaf Diseases -- Lancaster Farming 7/25/21

U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol Hits Milestone -- Morning Ag Clips 7/25/21

Rice Research Could Lead to Higher Yields for Corn, Soybeans -- The Telegraph 7/24/21

Soybean Cyst Nematode Spreading Rapidly -- The Western Producer 7/23/21

A Drift-Prone Weedkiller Still Damages Crops and Trees, Despite Attempts to Stop it -- NPR 7/23/21

Keep an Eye on Those Soybeans -- Wallaces Farmer 7/23/21

Soybean Cupping 2021: Iowa Update -- Iowa State University 7/22/21

Conservation Learning Group Awarded Blue Ribbon for Conservation Manual -- Morning Ag Clips 7/22/21

Carbon Market Webinar Will Discuss Resurgence of Interest -- Morning Ag Clips 7/22/21

NIFA Invests $7M to Support Innovations, Workforce Development -- Morning Ag Clips 7/22/21

New Agronomists Serve Iowa's Northwest, South Central Regions -- Wallaces Farmer 7/22/21

High Oleic Premium Opportunities Build -- Progressive Farmer 7/22/21

Soybean Gall Midge Remains Mostly a Mystery for Now -- Brownfield Ag News 7/21/21

Soybean Gall Midge an Emerging Invasive Pest in Missouri -- Brownfield Ag News 7/21/21

SIUC Tests Electricity to Control Weeds -- WSIL 7/21/21

Herbicide Injury on the Rise -- Progressive Farmer 7/21/21

Investments Help Increase Profitability for U.S. Soybean Farmers -- Morning Ag Clips 7/20/21

Cleaner Air has Boosted U.S. Corn and Soybean Yields, Research Shows -- National Science Foundation 7/20/21

Irrigation Helps Soybeans Recover from Dicamba Drift -- Missouri Ruralist 7/20/21

Soybean Disease Checkup Yields Interesting Response -- Wallaces Farmer 7/19/21

What You Should Know About Fungicide Resistance -- Wallaces Farmer 7/19/21

Soybean Defoliation: It Takes a Lot to Really Matter! -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/19/21

Arrival of Tar Spot Alters Plans -- Successful Farming 7/19/21

What You Should Know About Fungicide Resistance -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 7/19/21

Benson Hill Doubles Ultra-High Protein Soybean Variety Acreage -- Morning Ag Clips 7/19/21

Double Crop Soybeans or Cover Crops? -- Crescent News 7/17/21

Identifying Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in Soybeans -- Great Bend Tribune 7/17/21

MU finds only irrigation helped dicamba injured soybeans recover -- Brownfield Ag News 7/16/21

Brown Marmorated stink bug trap under development -- Brownfield Ag News 7/15/21

Soy Checkoff Investments Work to Build Profitability for Farmers -- Wallaces Farmer 7/16/21

Most Commonly Used Cover Crops in Iowa -- Iowa State University 7/16/21

Reporting a Suspected Dicamba Incident -- Iowa State University 7/16/21

US Corn and Soybean Maladapted to Climate Variations, Study Shows -- EurekAlert! 7/16/21

Cover Crops Influence Soybean Yield and Profitability -- SRIN 7/15/21

North Dakota's New Soybean Breeder has an Ambitious Vision for the State -- Williston Herald 7/15/21

Researchers Pinpoint Unique Growing Challenges for Soybeans in Africa -- Farmers Advance 7/14/21

Find the Tools and Technologies to Advance your Farm at Tech Hub Live -- Iowa Soybean Association 7/15/21

Time to Scout for SCN Females and Other Associated Plant Diseases -- Morning Ag Clips 7/14/21

Digital Technologies, Communication Survey for Soybean Farmers -- Morning Ag Clips 7/14/21

Soybean Gall Midge Detections Continue -- Iowa State University 7/14/21

Time to Scout for SCN Females -- Corn + Soybean Digest 7/14/21

Timing, Moisture, Seeding Rate Matter When Overseeding Cover Crops -- No-Till Farmer 7/14/21

Soybean Scouting Tips -- Successful Farming 7/13/21

Soybeans to The Rescue After ‘Monsoon’ Hammers Fields -- Ag Web 7/13/21

Nematodes Linked to Sudden Death Syndrome in Soybeans -- Progressive Farmer 7/13/21

Nitrogen Deficient Soybean with Excess Soil Moisture -- Iowa State University 7/13/21

Field Agronomists Join Iowa State University Extension and Outreach -- Iowa State University 7/13/2
Considerations When Overseeding Cover Crops -- Iowa State University 7/13/21

Learning More Together: RCFI Replicated Strip Trials -- Iowa Soybean Association 7/13/21

How to Check for Soybean Cyst Nematode Midseason -- Progressive Farmer 7/13/21

Is There Anything I Can do About Dicamba-injured Soybeans? -- Successful Farming 7/12/21

Engineering Seeds to Resist Drought -- Morning Ag Clips 7/12/21

Field Day Exploring Relay-cropping Rye and Soybeans -- Morning Ag Clips 7/12/21

New Tech Turns Crops Into Field Sensors -- Wallaces Farmer 7/12/21

When it Comes to Scouting, DIY Rules -- Wallaces Farmer 7/12/21

Application of Manure to Double-crop Soybeans to Encourage Emergence -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/12/21

After a Slow Start, Weeds are Roaring Now -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/12/21

What's With all the Yellow Soybean? -- Iowa State University 7/11/21

Keep Your Eyes Out for Western Bean Cutworm Moths -- Grand Island Independent 7/11/21

Elevated Warming, Ozone Have Detrimental Effects on Plant Roots, Promote Soil Carbon Loss -- 7/11/21 NC State University

Soybean Protein Fiber (SPF): An Eco-Friendly Textile Material You Show Know About -- One Green Planet 7/11/21

Kansas Farmer Invents Robots to Reduce Pesticide Use -- Daily Nonpareil 7/11/21

Thinking of Plant Tissue Testing this Season? Beware of Drought or Excess Moisture Effects -- Iowa State University 7/9/21

Ozone Alters the Behavior of Plant Roots -- 7/9/21

Keeping Deer Out of the Soybeans -- Successful Farming 7/9/21

Taking Missouri’s Soybeans to the Greens -- KMMO 7/8/21

Study: Early Beans Lead to Higher Yields -- Illinois Farmer Today 7/8/21

5 Next Steps for Corn And Soybeans Under Water or Affected by Heavy Rainfall -- AgWeb 7/7/21

Producers Can Now Utilize Cover Crops Without Losing Prevented Planting Benefits -- Morning Ag Clips 7/7/21

Sustainability Gaining Importance in Soybean Exports -- Delta Farm Press 7/8/21

Management Clinic to Discuss New Tech, Latest Research -- Wallaces Farmer 7/7/21

It Starts with Spit for Soybean Cyst Nematode -- Successful Farming 7/7/21

Science for Success: Notes from the Field Webinar Series Continued -- Iowa State University 7/7/21

Structural Barriers Make Extended Crop Rotations Difficult to Adopt -- Iowa State University 7/7/21

Premature Color Change in Beans Explained -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 7/7/21

USDA Crop Progress: Soybean Quality Tilts Lower -- Wallaces Farmer 7/6/21

Perennials Complement Corn, Soybean Production – AgriNews 7/6/21

Defoliating Insects in Soybeans -- Beatrice Daily Sun 7/6/21

Soybean Gall Midge Adult Emergence Begins in Iowa -- Iowa Farmer Today 7/2/21

ISA launches Regional Grassroots Town Hall Series -- Iowa Soybean Association 7/2/21

Watch Out for Japanese Beetles and Jumping Worms -- KDHL 7/2/21

Managing Crop Stress to Maximize Yields -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/1/21

Proof That Early Weed Competition Hurts Soybean Yield -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 7/2/21

Got Soybean Aphids? Don't Forget to Look for Predators Too -- Progressive Farmer 7/2/21

Cleaner Air has Boosted US Corn and Soybean Yields, Research Shows -- 7/1/21

Early Vegetative Soybean Defoliation -- Ohio’s Country Journal 7/1/21

Hail Storm Does Damage in Fields Across Iowa -- Iowa Farmer Today 7/1/21

June 2021

PEST Week is Here -- Brownfield Ag News 6/30/21

Iowa's Drought Generates Insects and Anxieties -- Ag Week 6/30/21

Scientists Develop the First CRISPR/Cas9-based Gene Drive in Plants -- Morning Ag Clips 6/30/21

Bioheuris, GDM to Develop High-yield Soybeans with Gene Editing -- World Grain 6/30/21

Crop Management Clinic to Offer New Technology -- Morning Ag Clips 6/29/21

Drone Tech's Next Big Target: Insect Pest Management -- Morning Ag Clips 6/29/21

Agronomist Vittetoe Shares Pests to Look Out for with Recent Rain -- KCII 6/29/21

2021 Soybean Gall Midge Update in Iowa -- Iowa State University 6/29/21

Researchers Pinpoint Unique Growing Challenges for Soybeans in Africa -- 6/29/21

Crop Management Clinic to Offer New Technologies and Latest Research -- Iowa State University 6/28/21

Doubling Down on Pests & Resistance with Take Action Resources -- Morning Ag Clips 6/28/21

Weed Science Field Day is July 8 at Curtiss Farm -- NE Iowa News 6/28/21

Maximizing Returns from Double-crop Soybean -- Morning Ag Clips 6/27/21

Soybean Gall Midge Adult Emergence Underway in Iowa -- Wallaces Farmer 6/28/21

How to Identify Pesticide Resistance in Your Fields -- Progressive Farmer 6/28/21

Double-crop Soybean Recommendations -- Ohio’s Country Journal 6/28/21

Increasing Net Returns by Double-cropping Soybean -- Future Farming 6/28/21

Soybean School: Making Grain with Roots and Rain -- Real Agriculture 6/25/21

Fungicide Holds the Answer to Soybean Yield Question -- 6/25/21

New Facilities Support Photosynthesis Yield Studies -- Illinois Farmer Today 6/25/21

Living With Less-Than Perfect Stands -- Corn+Soybean Digest 6/25/21

Look for Public Enemy No. 1 When Midseason Scouting -- Wallaces Farmer 6/24/21

Some Reasons for Yellow Soybeans -- The Goshen News 6/24/21

Recent Rains Not Enough for North Iowa Crops -- KCHA 6/23/21

Are We Making Progress with Weed Management in Iowa? -- Iowa State University 6/23/21

ISA Farmer Leaders Return to Capitol Hill -- Iowa Soybean Association 6/23/21

Insect Pressure Expected to Rise -- Brownfield Ag News 6/23/21

Northeast Research Farm Field Day; Dry Weather and Corn Rootworm to be Topics -- The Standard 6/23/21

Soybean Quality Differentiation and Economics -- Iowa Soybean Association 6/22/21

Overseeding Cover Crops — What to Consider -- Wallaces Farmer 6/22/21

'This Rainfall was Good, but It’s Not Enough to be a Large-scale Drought Buster,' Climatologist Says -- Daily Nonpareil 6/22/21

Using Reduced Herbicide Rates Increases Survival in Waterhemp -- No-Till Farmer 6/22/21

Soybean Management: Prepare for Two Rounds of Fungicide -- Wallaces Farmer 6/21/21

Weed Science Field Day Set for July 8 in Iowa -- Farm Forum 6/21/21

Overseeding Cover Crops - What to Consider -- Wallaces Farmer 6/22/21

This Rainfall was Good, but it’s Not Enough to be a Large-scale Drought Buster,' Climatologist Says -- Daily Nonpareil 6/22/21

Using Reduced Herbicide Rates Increases Survival in Waterhemp -- No-Till Farmer 6/22/21

Soybean Management: Prepare for Two Rounds of Fungicide -- Wallaces Farmer 6/21/21

Weed Science Field Day Set for July 8 in Iowa -- Farm Forum 6/21/21

Considerations for Herbicide Applications Under Hot, Dry Conditions -- Ag Update 6/21/21

Drought Stress: When Does it Start Stealing Yield from Corn and Soybeans? -- Progressive Farmer 6/21/21

SoyOhio.Org and Carbon Market Information -- Ohio’s Country Journal 6/21/21

First Soybean Aphids Found in Central Iowa -- Iowa State University 6/18/21

Iowa Learning Farms June 23 Webinar -- Morning Ag Clips 6/20/21

Make the Most from Late-planted Soybean -- Herald-Whig 6/20/21

Soy Technology at Work -- Wallaces Farmer 6/18/21

Soybeans Emerge at Different Rates in No-till, Conventional Fields -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 6/18/21

Soybean Stand ‘Good Enough’ is a Relief -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 6/18/21

Soybean Gall Midge Adults Captured in South Dakota -- South Dakota State University 6/17/21

Soybean Gall Midge Adult Emergence Beginning in Iowa -- Iowa State University 6/17/21

Battling Herbicide-resistant Weeds -- Brownfield Ag News 6/17/21

How ISA is Predicting Soybean Quality Before Harvest -- Iowa Soybean Association 6/17/21

As Iowa's Drought Worsens, How Long Can Farmers Hold Out and What's Needed for Crops to Recover? -- Des Moines Register 6/17/21

Severe Drought Covers 40% of Iowa -- Successful Farming 6/17/21

Dry Conditions Aid in Proliferation of Soybean Cyst Nematode -- Brownfield Ag News 6/15/21

Weed Science Field Day is July 8 at Curtiss Farm -- Morning Ag Clips 6/16/21

Annual Northwest Iowa Research Farm Field Day is July 7 -- Morning Ag Clips 6/16/21

Missouri Farmers Award Nearly $2.5 Million for Research, Outreach -- KMMO 6/16/21

Beneficial Insects: Free Farm Labour -- Real Agriculture 6/15/21

Slugs Can Wreak Havoc With Soybean Stands -- Corn+Soybean Digest

Northwest Iowa Research Farm Field Day Is July 7 -- Iowa State University 6/15/21

Northeast Research Farm Field Day is June 24 -- Morning Ag Clips 6/15/21

ISU-led Research Studies Interaction Between Genomics and Environment -- Wallaces Farmer 6/15/21

Arid Weather Trims Corn and Soybean Outlook  -- Successful Farming 6/15/21

Palmer Amaranth in Iowa: Past, Present and Future -- Iowa Farmer Today 6/15/21

The Derecho Could Cost Iowa soybean Farmers Big in the 2021 Harvest -- WQAD 6/14/21

SCN: A Renewed Problem -- Corn+Soybean Digest 6/14/21

A new Missouri River Port Means a Boost for Iowa Soybeans -- RFDTV 6/14/21

Heat and Moisture Stress Implication on Soil Moisture Status and Grain Yield  -- Iowa State University 6/14/21

How Does our Soil Moisture Balance Sheet Look? -- Iowa State University 6/14/21

Northern Research Farm Field Day, Capital Campaign Kickoff -- Iowa State University 6/14/21

Gall Midge Showing Up In Soybeans In Nebraska -- WNAX 6/14/21

Should You Spray for Soybean Gall Midge? -- Morning Ag Clips 6/13/21

SCN in Iowa: A Serious Problem that Warrants Renewed Attention -- Iowa State University 6/11/21

When Herbicides Get Hot -- Progressive Farmer 6/11/21

USDA Providing Incentives for Cover Crops | Here's What That Means for Iowa Farmers -- WOI 6/9/21

Weed Science Field Day Is July 8 at Curtiss Farm -- Iowa State University 6/11/21

Field Day to Highlight Herbicide Resistance Strategies in Soybean -- Wallaces Farmer 6/11/21

What to Expect From May 15 Planting Date -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 6/11/21

Japanese Beetle Adult Emergence Beginning in Southern Iowa -- Iowa State University 6/11/21

Soybean Gall Midge Emergence Detected in Nebraska -- Progressive Farmer 6/10/21

As Planting Nears Completion, Farmers Manage Conditions -- Iowa Soybean Association 6/10/21

Field Trial Explores Cover Crops and Manure -- Iowa Soybean Association 6/10/21

Iowa Soybeans Emerging -- US Soy 6/2/21

Iowa Soybeans Nearly All Planted – KCII Radio 6/10/21

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New Pandemic-related Federal Premium for Cover Crops Available to Farmers Who Certify by June 15 -- Morning Ag Clips 6/7/21

Late May Frost Forced Some to Replant Soybeans and Corn -- Radio Iowa 6/7/21

Soy Seed Cold Tolerance Tested -- Progressive Farmer 6/7/21

Soybean Nutrient Concentration Research Aims to Improve Fertilizer Use Efficiency -- Ohio’s Country Journal 6/4/21

Japanese Beetles Headline Potential Problem Pests in 2021 -- Iowa Farmer Today 6/4/21

2021 Soybeans: Tale of 2 Crops -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 6/4/21

NIFA Invests $7M in Digital Agriculture Technologies -- Morning Ag Clips 6/3/21

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Naig Encourages Farmers to Enroll in USDA’s New Pandemic Cover Crop Program -- Morning Ag Clips 6/3/21

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Scouting for Bean Leaf Beetle in Soybeans -- Lancaster Farming 6/3/21

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Summer Field Day Planned at Research Farm Near Kanawha, Iowa -- Farm Forum 6/2/21

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Iowa Farmer Forced to Replant as Late May Freeze Wiped Out Soybeans Planted into No-Till -- AgWeb 6/2/21

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May 2021

Five Tips for Growing Continuous Soybean Crops -- Progressive Farmer 5/31/21

Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm to Host Agronomy Workshop and CCA Training -- Iowa State University 5/31/21

Genetic Diversity in Crops Important, Especially Soybean -- Farm Forum 5/30/21

Holiday Freeze Could Force Some Farmers to Replant Soybeans -- Brownfield Ag News 5/28/21

North Iowa Farmer Plants Soybeans Deeper Because of Leftover Corn Residue -- WCMY 5/28/21

ISU Professor Says Soybean Cyst Nematode Building Up Resistance -- WNAX 5/28/21

Soybean Response to Sulfur Varies -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 5/28/21

Stinkbugs Require Season-long Scouting -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 5/28/21

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Plant Pandemics are on the Rise, and We Need a Plan to Stop Them -- Popular Science 5/26/21

Soybean Management To Be Discussed At ISU Research Farm Field Day -- WNAX 5/26/21

Honeybees Pollinate Soybeans Better than the Plant Itself, ISU Study Finds  -- WOI 5/26/21

Increasing Genetic Diversity in Crops is Important -- Wallaces Farmer 5/26/21

What's Been Learned About Interseeding Cover Crops into Corn and Soybeans -- No-Till Farmer 5/26/21

Pollinating Insects Can Help Soybean Yields -- Seed World 5/26/21

Seed Treatment Tussle -- Successful Farming 5/26/21

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Summer Field Day Planned at Research Farm Near Kanawha -- Morning Ag Clips 5/25/21

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Shedding Light on Heat Stress and Crop Yield -- Morning Ag Clips 5/25/21

Pollinating Insects Can Help Soybean Yields  -- Iowa State University 5/25/21

Research Predicts Benefits to Monarchs from Habitat Near Crop Fields -- Wallaces Farmer 5/25/21

FACTS Soil Moisture Benchmarking Tool -- Iowa State University 5/24/21

Changes to Forecasting and Assessment of Cropping sysTemS Website (FACTS) -- Iowa State University 5/24/21

Summer Field Day Planned at Research Farm Near Kanawha -- KIOW 5/24/21

Field Day to Highlight Herbicide Management -- Iowa State University 5/24/21

Why is it Important to Increase Genetic Diversity in Crops? -- Morning Ag Clips 5/24/21

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Soybean Growth Stages -- Messenger-Inquirer 5/23/21

Research Shows Fungicides in Soybean at R3 Boost Yield -- Ag Daily 5/20/21

A Conversation with an Agronomic Adviser on Improving Soil Health -- USB 5/20/21

Drawing a Hard Line in War on Herbicide Resistance -- Wallaces Farmer 5/21/21

Cover Crops put to Test for Weed Suppression -- Wallaces Farmer 5/21/21

Replanting or Spotting in: When Should You Pull the Trigger? -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 5/21/21

Summer Field Day Planned at Research Farm Near Kanawha -- Iowa State University 5/20/21

Iowa Learning Farms Will Hold Webinar May 26 -- Morning Ag Clips 5/20/21

Is Planting Soybeans in 15-inch Rows with Split-row Planters Profitable? -- Farmers Advance 5/19/21

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Student Soybean Innovation Competition Produces New Ideas -- Indiana Prairie Farmer 5/19/21

Adding Wheat to Corn/Soybean Rotations Boosts Yields, Improves Soil -- No-Till Farmer 5/19/21

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Researcher Examines How Nematodes Interact in the Soil -- Wallaces Farmer 5/19/21

What is Drainage Water Recycling? -- Iowa Soybean Association 5/18/21

Sudden Death Syndrome Threat in Soybeans is Climbing -- Country Guide 5/17/21

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Cooking With This Oil Lowers Heart Disease Risk and Cholesterol, New Study Says – Eat This, Not That! 5/16/21

Cool Conditions Prevail Across Much of U.S. -- Wallaces Farmer 5/14/21

Scientists Boost Recombinant Protein Production in Soybean Seeds -- ISAAA 5/12/21

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Smaller Plants Show Promise for Future Food Crops -- University of Melbourne 5/14/21

Ohio Soybean Council Launches Website for Carbon Market Resources -- Ohio’s Country Journal 5/14/21

Soybean Aphid Egg Hatch Complete -- Iowa State University 5/13/21

Scrutinize Your Stand -- Progressive Farmer 5/13/21

ISU to Offer Agronomy Workshop, CCA Training -- Wallaces Farmer 5/13/21

Iowa Learning Farms to Hold Webinar May 19 -- Morning Ag Clips 5/13/21

Stand Establishment Critical to Avoid Problems Later -- Corn+Soybean Digest 5/12/21

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Backyard Chickens, Rabbits, Soybeans Can Meet Household Protein Demand -- EurekAlert! 5/12/21

Stand Establishment Critical for Early Planted Corn and Soybean -- Iowa State University 5/10/21

Agronomy Class for Women to be in Jones County -- Morning Ag Clips 5/10/21

Latest Iowa Crop Report Shows 86% of Corn Now Planted, 67% of Soybeans -- KWWL 5/10/21

Agronomy Workshop and Certified Crop Advisor Training -- Morning Ag Clips 5/10/21

Weed Management Key to Boosting Soybean Yield -- Enid News & Eagle 5/9/21

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Relay Cropping Experimentation Shows Potential -- Iowa Soybean Association 5/5/21

Prairie Strips are a Win-Win-Win for Farmers, Communities and the Environment -- Iowa Soybean Association 5/5/21

New Interactive Tool Helps Farmers See Costs and Opportunities Related to Cover Crops -- Iowa Soybean Association 5/5/21

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Change in Weather Shifts Farmer's Conservation Trajectory -- Iowa Soybean Association 5/5/21

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Nebraska Extension Crop Clinic Courses Available -- North Platte Telegraph 5/1/21

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April 2021

Ultra-Early Planted Soybeans Fight Frost and Freeze Damage -- AgWeb 4/30/21

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USDA Seeks Groups, Farmers' Participation in $25 Million Grant Program -- Successful Farming 4/22/21

Scouting Helps Farmers Identify Crop Issues Early -- Wallaces Farmer 4/22/21

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Iowa Farmers' Conservation Practices Highlight Progress and Forward Thinking on Earth Day -- Iowa Soybean Association 4/21/21

Spring Subsoil Moisture Improves in Northwest Iowa -- Iowa State University 4/21/21

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SARE Releases New "Cover Crops and Soil Health" Video -- Morning Ag Clips 4/6/21

99.9% Accurate Genetic Test for Early Detection of Palmer Amaranth -- Morning Ag Clips 4/6/21

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SCN Coalition Enters New Phase of Farmer Support -- SRIN 4/5/21

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March 2021

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February 2021

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January 2021

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