Mahdi Al-Kaisi Sotirios Archontoulis
Mahdi Al-KaisiProfessor of Agronomy
Lab website
Interest areas: soil management /environment with emphasis on tillage and cropping systems effects on soil carbon dynamics, soil health and greenhouse gas emission
Sotirios Archontoulis Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Interest areas: cropping systems to improve production and environmental performance; simulation modeling
Thomas Baum Gwyn Beattie
Thomas BaumProfessor and Chair of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Nematology, plant-microbe interactions
Gwyn BeattieProfessor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Genomics, pathology and ecology of plant bacteria and microbial communities

Madan K. Bhattacharyya

Steve Bradbury
Madan K. Bhattacharyya

Professor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Sudden death syndrome (SDS), Phytophthora root and stem rot and soybean cyst nematode in soybeans; nonhost disease resistance; active endogenous transposable element in soybean 

Steve BradburyProfessor of Entomology
Interest areas: Environmental toxicology, pesticide risk assessment, pest resistance management, sustainability
Thomas Brumm Steven Cannon

Thomas BrummAssociate Professor Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Grain/seed quality and processing, biorenewables, student learning/assessment, sustainable development

Steven CannonUSDA-ARS Collaborator with Agronomy
Interest areas: Plant genome and gene family evolution, comparative genomics, bioinformatics methods for gene and genome sequence analysis; bioinformatics for crop domestication improvement, particularly in soybean and other crop legumes

Petruta Caragea Mike Castellano

Associate Professor of Statistics
Interest areas: Statistics

Mike CastellanoAssociate Professor
Interest areas: Environmental nitrogen dynamics to improve crop production while minimizing loss; biological nitrogen fixation in soybean

Silvia Cianzio Matt Darr
Silvia CianzioProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: soybean breeding research for sudden death syndrome, soybean cyst nematode, phytophthora root rot, increasing the genetic base of soybean, increasing the yield and protect yield from pathogen attacks
Matt DarrAssociate Professor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: precision agriculture; focus on use of electronic technology and data analytics to solve applied engineering challenges in agriculture industry
Susana Goggi Michelle Graham
Susana GoggiProfessor of Agronomy
Faculty website
Interest areas: physiological aspects of seed development, maturation, longevity, dormancy, and germination; soybean seed quality, organic seed treatments
Michelle GrahamUSDA-ARS Collaborator with Agronomy
Interest areas: Soybean crop genetics research
David Grant David Grewell
David GrantUSDA-ARS Geneticist and Collaborator Associate Professor of Agronomy
Lab website
Interest areas: Soybean crop genetics and genomics research
David GrewellProfessor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Bio-plastics, biofuels, biomass treatment, micro-fabrication, ultrasonic welding
Chad Hart Bob Hartzler
Chad HartAssociate Professor of Economics/Extension Economist/Crop Market Specialist
Faculty website
Interest areas: Agricultural and natural resource economics
Bob HartzelrProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Efficiency of weed management through integrated systems
Matt Helmers Erin Hodgson
Matt HelmersProfessor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Agricultural and water resources; water management and water quality relating to the impact of crop and animal production systems
Erin HodgsonAssociate Professor of Extension Entomology
Interest areas: Field crop insects, integrated pest management
Prashant Jha Kendall Lamkey
Associate Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
Interest areas: improving the understanding of crop-weed interactions, herbicide resistance evolution, and development of effective, integrated weed management systems that protect environmental quality.
Kendall LamkeyProfessor & Chair of Agronomy
Interest areas: Soybean breeding and production systems research
Leonor Leandro Mark Licht
Leonor LeandroAssociate Professor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Soybean crops, mycology, disease epidemiology and management
Mark LichtAssistant Professor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Holistic management of cropping systems to achieve productivity, profitability, and environmental goals; agronomic implications of precision technologies
Matt Liebman Diane Luth
Matt LiebmanProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: diversified cropping systems, weed ecology, and management; use of native perennial species for soil and water conservation and biofuel production
Diane LuthAssistant Scientist of Agronomy
Interest areas: Soybean plant genetic transformation
Gustavo MacIntosh Antonio Mallarino
Gustavo MacIntoshAssociate Professor of Biochemistry/Biophysics & Molecular Biology
Interest areas: gene expression, metabolism, nucleic acids, plant defense, plants, signal transduction; interaction between plants and insects
Antonio MallarinoProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Nutrient management practices to improve profitability of soybean production and minimize impacts on phosphorus water quality; emphasis on use of nutrient sources and lime, fertilizer placement methods, soil and tissue testing, use of precision ag technologies, and interactions with soil and water conservation practices
Steve Mickelson Fernando Miguez
Steve MickelsonProfessor & Chair of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Water quality management
Fernando MiguezAssociate Professor of Agronomy
Lab website
Interest areas: Cropping systems modeling to enhance productivity, stability and sustainability for food, feed and fuel
W. Allen Miller Manjit Misra
W. Allen MillerProfessor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Lab website
Interest areas: Plant virology, soybean aphid viruses, virus-vector interactions, genetic engineering, genome engineering, RNA structure, translation mechanisms
Manjit MisraProfessor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Director, Seed Science Center
Interest areas: Seed science and technology
Ken Moore GianCarlo Moschini
Ken MooreProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Development and improvement of biomass crops and cropping systems
GianCarlo MoschiniProfessor of Economics
Interest areas: Economics of innovation, science and technology policy, industrial organization
Gretchen Mosher Daren Mueller

Gretchen MosherAssistant Professor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Food system safety, grain handling quality processes, engineering education

Daren MuellerAssociate Professor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Integrated pest management, disease management, field crops

Gary Munkvold Matt O'Neal
Gary MunkvoldProfessor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Seed pathology, mycotoxicology
Matt O'NealAssociate Professor of Entomology
Interest areas: Insect ecology, integrated pest management, pollinator conservation and resistance management
Reuben Peters Alison Robertson
Reuben PetersProfessor of Biochemistry/Biophysics & Molecular Biology
Interest areas: (rhizosphere) bacterial production of gibberellin plant hormones
Alison RobertsonProfessor of Plant Pathology & Microbiology
Interest areas: Disease management of field crops
John Sawyer Lisa Schulte Moore
John SawyerProfessor of Agronomy
Lab website
Faculty website
Interest areas: soil fertility and nutrient management; conducts applied research of efficient fertilizer use and nutrient, manure, and limestone management
Lisa Schulte MooreProfessor of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Interest areas: Landscape ecology, human-landscape interactions, sustainability; strategic integration of perennials into agricultural landscapes
Arti Singh Asheesh "Danny" Singh
Arti SinghAdjunct Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Plant breeding, soybean diseases, genomics and phenomics, and high throughput plant disease phenotyping
Asheesh Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Lab website
Interest areas: Soybean breeding, genomics, and high throughput phenotyping
Michelle Soupir Lie Tang
Michelle SoupirAssociate Professor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Sustainable water systems; nonpoint source pollution control, watershed management, and water quality monitoring
Lie TangAssociate Professor
Department of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Faculty website
Interest areas: Automation and robotic systems for agricultural and biological applications such as high-throughput robotic phenotyping, robotic weed control, and machine vision algorithms for plant and animal monitoring and traits characterization
Greg Tylka Andy VanLoocke
Greg TylkaProfessor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Director, Iowa Soybean Research Center
Interest areas: Disease management of soybean cyst nematodes in SCN-resistant soybean varieties, effects of nematode-protectant seed treatments, and interactions between SCN and insect herbivores
Andy VanLoockeAssistant Professor of Agronomy
Interest areas: develop and estimate the impacts of ongoing and future land use change and global change on agro-ecosystem processes and services
Kan Wang Mark Westgate
Kan WangProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Develop advanced technology for genetic transformation in soybean plant
Mark WestgateProfessor of Agronomy
Interest areas: Understanding the physiological basis for the effect of water deficits on the reproductive development in soybean; using molecular approaches to improve the value of soybean seeds
Steve Whitham Lester Wilson
Steve WhithamProfessor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Interest areas: Plant virology, soybean rust, plant-microbe interactions, plant functional genomics
Lester WilsonProfessor of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Interest areas: Food quality evaluation, flavor chemistry, improving thermal processes for foods and commodities; soybeans, soyfoods, spices, and their use as ingredients
Xiao-Bing Yang Chenxu Yu
Xiso-Bing YangProfessor of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Interest areas: Epidemiology, disease management, biological control
Chenxu YuAssociate Professor of Ag & Biosystems Engineering
Interest areas: Bionanotechnology and biosensors
Wendong Zhang  
Wendong ZhangAssistant Professor of Economics
Faculty website
Interest areas: Land Value, Land Ownership, Water Quality & Chinese agriculture

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